Hyderabad’s ‘arab area’ ‘Barkas’ and its Health Centre has everything flourish and provided with top amenities, but in health centre it suffers dearth of doctors. Due to non-availability of duty doctors at Barkas Community Health Centre, the patients of are turning back without any consultancy or are forced to visit private clinics. This state-run hospital has all the amenities on a par with modern hospitals, but lack of staff and absence of duty doctors is forcing the locals to visit private clinics.

The Health Centre being run on ground plus one building providing varied services has all the required equipment for in and out patients. One of the three doctors, despite being a dentist, was seen attending general patients. “The hospital is running with no duty, general, emergency and night duty doctors. As it’s the only hospital in nearby areas, the patients come even from Pahadishareef, Errakunta, Salala, Shaheennagar and surrounding areas. Daily hundreds of patients visit and many of them leave without consulting as there are no doctors available,” said Talha Kaseri, local MIM leader.

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According to him, in-patient male ward was closed down due to non-availability of male doctors and even gynaec patients have to return or approach private clinics. “Due to less staff only 4 or 5 gynaec patients were admitted for deliveries,” he added. When The Hans India reporter visited the hospital, there was no medical officer present, the staff said that doctors were on leave and hardly 5-6 staff were present including nurses and none of the staff were ready to talk. They asked to consult Medical Officer who was on leave.

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Jabeen Fatima, a resident of Errakunta who travelled 2 km for a checkup, said that this is the only hospital in the nearby areas, if there was a delivery all the staff remain in operation theatre and no more staff will be available for other patients. “Due to this all patients have to leave without consulting. It’s a well equipped and furnished hospital but there is dearth of staff,” she explained.

Abdullah bin Salam, a patient from Salala, said that it is an area hospital with in-patient wards for both males and females, but the men were not allowed for checkup, as there were no male doctor available and the male ward remained empty. “Recently a man was suffering from high fever and came to hospital for consulting, the female duty doctor or the available staff did not attend him by saying no men are allowed as there is no male doctor,” said Abdullah. #KhabarLive