In the past, Late Dr Marri Chenna Reddy despite vociferously spearheading the first phase of separate Telangana Movement could not achieve statehood during his time. Consequent to a lull in the movement for a while due to its vicious suppression by the then Congress party leadership of Late Indira Gandhi, elections were held in the State in 1971.

Telangana Praja Samithi under the leadership of Dr Chenna Reddy swept the poll by winning 10 out of 11 Lok Sabha seats in the Telangana region. In spite of this, due to the cruel politics played by the then Congress, Telangana was not formed. Thanks to the one and only stumbling block in the form of Congress party, otherwise, Telangana would have been formed long ago.

Three decades later, Kalvakuntla Chandrashekar Rao created a political platform in the name of Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) and laid a strong foundation for a great peaceful mass movement. After a relentless agitation spanning over 13-long-years, Chandrashekar Rao turned the tables but, not before preparing himself to sacrifice his life at one stage. The same Congress leadership, this time under former AICC president Sonia Gandhi, had to bow down and concede to the demand for a separate State. In a can’t but situation, the Congress party under the leadership of Sonia Gandhi got the approval of the parliament for separate Telangana State. People’s strength triumphed yet again.

It is now left to the wisdom of those people who criticised that the TRS had no role in separate Telangana agitation and the Congress party alone was solely responsible for formation of State. It is unfortunate that they are not able to understand the 13-year-long struggle under the leadership of Chandrashekar Rao.

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Naturally, with tremendous confidence on their leader Chandrashekar Rao, who successfully led the movement and achieved the State, the voters in 2014 elections gave their mandate in favour of the TRS party. The first ever government in Telangana was formed on June 2, 2014. Later, some of the MLAs who won on other than TRS party ticket, realised that their party was not functioning in accordance with the requirements of Telangana people, and left their respective parties to join with TRS as part of political polarisation and strengthen Chandrashekar Rao’s hands in developing the State. This paved way for political stabilisation in the State.

The responsibility entrusted by people was shouldered by K Chandrashekar Rao and his government from the day Telangana was formed. In accordance with the aspirations of people, efforts are afoot for formation of Golden Telangana by conceiving a variety of schemes and implementing them rigorously. For implantation of electoral promises as announced in the manifesto, steps were initiated on a fast track mode.

Many schemes that were not part of manifesto are also being implemented. The language, culture, the dialect, the traditions, the systems etc that were subjected to annihilation in the erstwhile united Andhra Pradesh government have been revived and rejuvenated. By reorienting and reinventing Telangana, the State has been progressing and marching ahead in all fields.

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The TRS government right from day one successfully faced the challenges arising out of schematic suppression, exploitation, negligence during the erstwhile rule. The conspiracies that were hatched to demoralise Telangana people, which created several obstacles, were also overcome by the TRS government systematically. By being ever vigilant against negative forces, facing the challenges, overcoming the conspiracies, the Telangana State stood as the number one State in several sectors.

In the long run to achieve Golden Telangana strong foundations have been laid. If only the schemes that were conceived and are under implementation, are standardised, stabilised and consolidated, then, a confident Golden Telangana is in the offing. Against this backdrop to break the political fragility, the ugly face of which started appearing here and there and to see that the development process is not hindered, caretaker Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao and his team of Council of Ministers decided to recommend to the Governor to dissolve the State Assembly and go for fresh elections.

K Chandrashekar Rao-led government in the State had been implementing schemes for welfare of the people and development of the State with equal priority, reflecting the aspirations of one and all. Each and every problem that the State had inherited from erstwhile government is slowly and steadily overpowered. Thanks to the people friendly and beneficial schemes by the TRS government, everyone in the State are living with tremendous confidence.

Government and its Executive Head, the Chief Minister, by treating the 2014 election manifesto as a holy book, picked-up promise after promise made in it and converted them into schemes and programmes. Every scheme is people centric and oriented towards solution to various issues faced by people from time to time.

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Many more schemes in the interest of people, though not promised in the manifesto were also implemented. Among 72 such schemes notable ones are, the investment support scheme for agriculture, the Rythu Bhima Life Insurance Scheme, 24-hour free power supply to agriculture, Mission Bhagiratha to supply safe drinking water to every household, the Kalyana Lakshmi and Shaadi Mubarak scheme for marriage of eligible women, KCR kits to compensate wage loss of pregnant women, Kanti Velugu eye screening etc.

In addition, several schemes which are not implemented anywhere in the country are in implementation here in Telangana. Thus, the State became a role model State to others. Other such schemes include, Rs 8,000 per acre to farmer as investment support, Haritha Haram to increase green cover in the State, double bed room houses, helping hand to hereditary professions etc.

For the welfare of people and for the development of the State, several schemes are in implementation. The State received special recognition as number one welfare State by implementing schemes worth Rs 40,000 crore per year. Welfare schemes are from cradle to grave in the State. The schemes that are in implementation in Telangana itself are indicators of trustworthiness of the TRS government. Hence, Constancy of schemes is government plus point. #KhabarLive