Hyderabad is home to a lot of ace sportspersons, from badminton to cricket to tennis to boxing. With the sports facilities available in the city, it’s easy to pursue most of the sports but, did you know that there are several offbeat sports that can be pursued as a hobby in Hyderabad?

Here’s a look at some of them:

Shooting is an expensive sport, with some categories even requiring a gun license. It is a lesser-known fact that one can pursue air rifle/air pistol shooting without any license. Just enrol for a course in the Sports Authority of Telangana’s shooting range located inside University of Hyderabad campus.

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Like shooting, this is also a thrilling sport. It gives one a major rush of adrenaline making them feel like a medieval warrior. With many sports stores offering beginner equipment for an affordable cost, archery is fairly easy to pursue. Also, Great Hyderabad Adventure Club (GHAC) routinely conducts archery workshops that are perfect for beginners.

Horse riding
Horse riding has many physical benefits and it’s easy enough to pursue this sport in Hyderabad, as the city is home to quite a few riding clubs that offer riding lessons. Enrol in any of one of these riding clubs and start riding. These riding clubs usually charge a fee per ride and after the completion of the course, you can ride by yourself.

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Rock climbing
With the rocky, hilly terrain of the city, rock climbing is one sport that you can easily pursue in Hyderabad. There are many adventure clubs in the city that have rock climbing sessions for beginners and at a nominal fee. You can start off by bouldering, a form of rock climbing, wherein small rocks (usually less than 20 feet high) are climbed.

Parkour, also known as freerunning or art du deplacement, involves negotiating terrain without the aid of any equipment. It is done through running, jumping and climbing the surrounding features. The adventure clubs in Hyderabad routinely conduct parkour workshops where the required techniques can be learnt. But, of all the sports listed here, Parkour is the easiest one to pursue as it can be practised anywhere, in any public park for instance, as it doesn’t require any equipment.#KhabarLive