Konda Surekha and Murali never received any support from any quarters and they were also booked under the TADA Act until YS Rajasekhar Reddy took them under his wing and gave them a new lease of life.

Since then, they remained loyal to YSR until his death and even after he passed away, Konda Surekha resigned from her Minister’s post in the Rossaiah government in support of YS Jagan. But it was the Mahaboobabad incident that changed everything for them.

YS Jagan’s Odarpu Yatra at that place was blocked by TRS cadre and paid anti-social elements and violence broke out .

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Konda Surekha in a fit of rage at the attack by TRS cadre at the railways station, screamed, “Telangana Kosam aa KCR, Kodandaram, Harish Rao lan…. K……. kutumbalnunchi okkaraina chanipoyara (Did a single member from the families of KCR, Harish Rao or Kodandaram die for the cause of Telangana?”

KCR was scared that if Jagan toured Telangana successfully, the agitation might be weakened because of people’s love for YSR.

The Odarpu Yatra was halted and subsequently, Jagan decided to focus only on Andhra Pradesh.

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With the T-agitation heating up, the Konda couple following differences with YS Jagan parted ways with him and joined the TRS.

But KCR admitted them into his party fold because he was looking to consolidate his camp and weaken the Opposition to the point where they became insignificant.

But Konda Surekha was the only woman who publicly abused KCR and everyone knew that it was only a matter of time before she was sidelined.

Making things worse for them was the fact that Harish Rao who actually opposed their entry into the TRS later became their confidant. This was enough for KTR to put his foot down and call for the complete ouster of the Konda couple from the TRS scheme of things.

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Did Konda Surekha and Murali rally expect that KCR would forget the past and the abuse hurled by Surekha at KCR?

Now, by denying them a ticket for 2019, KCR has taken a gigantic step towards decimating the Konda couple politically unless they find shelter once more in the Congress. #KhabarLive