Police say posting such content is like preparing a trap for yourselves. Venting out your frustration on friends, seniors or anyone, by way of an emotional or angry post on Facebook could actually be like preparing a trap for yourselves, if Cybercrime officials from Rachakonda are to be believed.

Pointing out that cyber crooks were on the prowl round the clock, fishing for whatever bit of personal data they can glean from social media, a senior official said fraudsters are using all their skills to target gullible people on social media.

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They randomly pick up a profile from any social media platform and send a friend request. Once the request is accepted, the fraudster starts talking, gains confidence and slowly traps the victim.

Before this, they remain calm, observe what the ‘prey’ is posting, the places where they move about, their workplace and so on. They sometimes even stalk them, without their notice, so that they get well acquainted with the daily schedule of prey, he said.

Not only this, fraudsters also send mails to women and girls with links in it, and once they click on the links, their social media accounts get eventually hacked. All personal information is stolen and based on these, they start making deceitful plans to harass women, girls or any other person who is the target.

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“Most of the times, when we go for shopping or visit a restaurant, we are asked to give our mail id or phone number. These fraudsters approach these malls and hotels and buy information from them, and using this information, they track people and find ways to harass them for money or any other purpose,” the official said.

Apart from such methods, cybercrooks also take advantage seeing other posts on social media, especially when some post their feelings. Mostly women are targeted thus, the official said. #KhabarLive