Social changes and public emotions are the most common tools for today’s politicians, but when we talk about KCR he is quite different from other leaders who always portrayed him as a most secular leader in the country, who talks about ganga-jamuni culture.

He always says in his speeches that by giving example of his eyes that one eye is for the
Muslims and other one is for Hindu, and also don’t want to differentiate between both because both have the same value in his ideal politics.

Right now, TRS Supremo is holding the hands of two different parties AIMIM and BJP who are the biggest opponents of each other, he always tries to make both happy for his political gains.

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He was consistently doing the same when he was the CM, where on one hand he did a lot of announcements for the minorities and on other he also assured prime minister Narendra Modi for a post-poll alliance.

But now, where the state is on the edge of the election, he didn’t want to leave any one of the both and this is leading to a huge rift between his party members.

The strategy of ticket distribution of the TRS party gives you the best example that how KCR is making both parties happy on one hand where ever the AIMIM is holding there seats, he gave preference to the non Muslim candidates and wherever the BJP is holding there seats he is announcing the weak and not so popular names from the party.

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Amberpet constituency which is held by ex-BJP state president Kishan Reddy is known as the most strongest and safest seats for the party. From this constituency TRS was expected to announce the name of newly joined Nagender who can give a tough fight to BJP candidate because of the majority of BC voters, but KCR pressured him to contest from Goshamahal rather than Amberpet.

On other side, Khairtabad and Musheerabad constituencies were expecting a good Muslim
candidates was also been upset by KCR decisions, announcing only one and a non-popular candidate from the constituencies.

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These recent decisions of TRS party is portraying a negative image in general voters right
before the election. But still KCR is busy in how to manage the balance between two parties,however if this balance worked then this will be the biggest victory for TRS party but if it doesn’t then it can create a huge problem For the risk taker KCR.

We have to wait and see that how long this political turns and twists will continue in the statebefore the elections. #KhabarLive