Both dengue and malaria are mosquito-borne diseases. Dengue spreads when the Aedes mosquito bites, while the Anopheles mosquito carries malaria. Can a person be infected with both the diseases at the same time? That’s what media reports suggest. Some cases have been reported where patients have tested positive for both dengue and malaria.

Speaking to #KhabarLive, Dr Mohan Reddy, Senior Consultant, Internal Medicine, At Niloufer Hospital in Hyderabad said, Dengue and malaria both spread through mosquito bites and this can happen. It’s not common, but it’s not like it cannot happen. Dengue and malaria can occur together in a patient.

Dr Vasant Kumar, Emergency Medical Officer at Apollo Hospitals, told #KhabarLive that in most cases of dual infections, dengue occurs with typhoid, but this year in the last 15-20 days dengue is being seen with malaria in patients.

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Dr Reddy says that in this season, all patients suffering from fever, body pain, headache, and cold are tested for both dengue and malaria.

Dr Kumar explains that there can be different types of this condition as well.

Malaria that occurs with dengue can be of two different types. Dengue with vivax malaria can be controlled easily, with less complications. But if falciparum malaria occurs in such a situation, which is being observed more, then the complications can be severe.
He adds that dengue cases started pouring in from June-July, but now more complicated cases are being seen in recent days. The reason for this could be that there’s increase insect breeding or it isn’t being controlled.

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According to Dr Kumar, if the chance of complications in a dengue case is 5 percent, then the same in dengue with malaria increases to 25 percent. One reason for this is that is malaria patient’s haemoglobin goes down, while in dengue there’s a loss of platelets.

Dengue and malaria are both serious conditions. If they occur together, it can worsen the situation.

Dr Rashiduddin Of Owaisi Hospitals says if both the disease occur together, then there’s a chance of kidney, lungs and even the brain being affected. It can even be deadly.

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If a patient is tested positive for both dengue and malaria, then the treatment happens for malaria. In case of dengue, patients are not given any antibiotic, only supportive care is required.

When both diseases strike together, malaria has to be controlled, treated as well as the patient has to be protected against any further complications. #KhabarLive