Enjoy a blissful evening with authentic Hyderabadi cuisine and good music at ITC Kohenur’s fine-dining restaurant – Dum Pukht Begum’s. Right from the ambience to taste, everything perfectly fits the royalty theme. Dum Pukht has been the signature Awadhi restaurant of ITC group for decades but bringing it to Hyderabad with the Begums’ twist is what sets it apart.

Back in the day, the Begums (women) of the house were in charge of hosting guests. People rarely ate out and it was considered disrespectful to do so. The dinners always involved traditional recipes that have Nizami cuisinebeen passed down through generations. In an attempt to revive the long-forgotten Nizami days of Hyderabad and as an ode to all the Begums, Dum Pukht Begum’s menu pays great homage to the local cuisine.

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Rich in taste with lots of ghee and dry fruits, the menu boasts of slow-cooked (dum) dishes. Among all the starters, vegetarians can truly revel in the flavour of Dudiya kebab and Hara kebab Awadhi and the meat-lovers must try the Jhinga dum nisha and Dum pukht kakori.
The main course leaves you confused about what to try as all the dishes are tempting to the palate. Asaf Jahi murgh korma, Asifia badami dum aloo do pyaaza, Dum pukht biryani (mutton) and Shahi qubooli (veg biryani) are their signature recipes.

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Since diners will definitely be full with the heavy food which is served in good quantities, for desserts, ordering the khwaan-e-shirini and sharing one portion is ideal. This will provide an opportunity to try the top three desserts on the menu – Khubani ka meetha, Gulab jamun and Badami kheer.

A great experience overall, but mind you, the food is, indeed, very heavy so go easy on the quantities and the number of dishes you order. Secondly, it is the royal feast in every sense so you have to enjoy it at leisure. Don’t expect to have a quick mehe go. Kids below 10 years of age are not allowed as the management rightly says that neither the food nor the ambience would be enjoyable for them. Hindi film instrumental music of the 1950s and slow-cooked food is not a big hit with the kids.

  • Location: Dum Pukht Begum’s, ITC Kohenur, Madhapur
  • Cuisine: Indian (Awadhi and Hyderabadi)
  • Price: Rs 400-500 per dish (approximately)
  • Service: Good but the dishes take time to be prepared
  • Must-try: Hara kebab, Dum aloo, Dum pukht biryani and Gulab jamun  #KhabarLive
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