Through its new multimedia campaign ICICI Bank addresses some of the key concerns of customers who use credit cards. The campaign, a set of three TVCs, launches the ‘Manage Cards’ feature that gives customers the power to control the security of their cards right from their own phones at just the flick of a button.

The launch of the new feature comes on the heels of a study that the Bank conducted to understand the various barriers and triggers involved in credit and debit card usage among its customers and non-customers. The study revealed some key bottlenecks that hindered the respondents from using the cards. These included fears pertaining to card security like loss of card, internet frauds and international frauds among others. The study further revealed that the apprehension pertaining to security also exists in the case of regular card users.

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The three TVCs featuring Kalki Koechlin, Manoj Pahwa and Kunal Roy Kapoor, take a humorous road towards addressing the safety concerns of the consumers and are designed to instill a sense of self-security in their minds by showcasing them the strength of the ‘Manage Cards’ feature.

The multimedia campaign is on air during the highly engaging festive season which witnesses the highest spends in the financial year. The campaign will be promoted across traditional and online platforms including popular channels and the TVCs will also be translated in four regional languages including Tamil, Kannada, Telugu and Marathi.

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Sujit Ganguli, senior general manager and head – corporate brand and communications group, ICICI Bank said, “This campaign aims to address the barriers that keep people from proactively using cards, through a clutter-breaking messaging during the ongoing festive season. The campaign is our effort to re-assure our customers that the safety of their transactions is paramount by showcasing the key new security controls.

We believe that the humorous yet gripping content will motivate our customers to adapt to the cash-less way of utilising their hard earned money without fearing about the security of their transactions.“ #KhabarLive