Recent developments in Yellendu (ST) assembly segment in Khammam district are giving sleepless nights to Congress state leadership due to anti-incumbency, groupism, intetnal fueds and lack of leadrrship.

Long-time party workers and ticket hopefuls are nearly around 30 in number with about three to four of them being stronger aspirants who have been also spending huge amounts of money in the last four years.

These aspirants are now seething with anger following rumours about former MLA Vooke Abbaiah having already secured promise from Congress high command for Yellendu ticket.

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Abbaiah’s followers are vigorously campaigning in tandas and hamlets in the constituency, saying their leader is going to contest and that they should support him.

Other aspirants like Banothu Haripriya and Bhukya Singh are unhappy over this, saying Abbaiah has recently joined Congress while they have been there spending on crowd mobilisation and meetings of party for last several years.

Insiders say if Congress has not tackled this issue carefully, it will meet with certain discontent and defeat in the segment. #KhabarLive