The BJP seems to be fast emerging as the refuge of all those leaders who have failed to get tickets in their respective parties. Already, comedian Babu Mohan, who has been denied a ticket by the TRS, has joined the BJP. Similarly, another TRS leader Banotu Devilal has also joined the BJP on Saturday at Mulugu. Another leader from the TRS too is looking towards the BJP.

Thokala Srisailam Reddy of the TRS is said to be contemplating joining the BJP. Reddy is originally from the Congress, but later joined the TRS. His son Thokala Srinivas Reddy is presently a corporator from the TRS. Srisailam Reddy says that he was originally a BJP worker and had later joined the Congress. He says it is like home coming for him.

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But, Rajendra Nagar constituency is hot property this time. BJP senior leader Baddam Balreddy, state general secretary Dr Prem Raj and several others are eyeing this seat. So, even if Srisailam Reddy joins the BJP, can he get the party ticket? Let’s wait and see how things shape up. #KhabarLive