Megha Engineering and Infrastructures Ltd (MEIL), a leader in Infrastructure sector in the two Telugu speaking states, has added another record to its kitty by successfully setting up power sub-stations and transmission lines. MEIL has proven its capability and expertise once again by setting up of four sub-stations and transmission lines on time in order to energise three pumping stations under Link-1 of Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Scheme.

Having built the largest transmission system (WUPPTCL) in Uttar Pradesh under private sector in the country and completed a major sub-station in Kadiri of Andhra Pradesh, MEIL has won accolades from none other than the Power Grid Corporation of India. Now, it has successfully put in place the electrical supply system under Link-1 of Kaleshwaram project.

Under Link-1 of Kaleshwaram project, it requires 1120 MW of power for 28 pumps in all the 3 pump houses to lift and pump water. Having to lift 2 TMC of water a day is certainly a humongous task. For which uninterrupted power supply on a massive scale is a primary requirement. Nowhere in the world has ever built such a lift irrigation scheme that requires power supply as huge as Kaleshwaram project.

The Mubarak Pumping station in Egypt, hitherto considered to be the world’s largest, with 288 MW capacity has been built over a period of seven years. However under Link-1 of Kaleshwaram power system which is four times bigger than Mubarak pumping station has been completed by MEIL in a year’s time and proved its engineering talent to the world.

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The four sub-stations under Link-1 like Medigadda, Annaram, Sundilla and Ramadugu (under package-8) sub-stations and transmission lines have been put in place in a year’s time as per the schedule. Ramadugu sub-station (under package-8) has been commissioned on 22 Feb 2017 and was integrated with the grid on 6 May 2018.

Likewise works on Sundilla sub-station was commenced on 30 July 2017 and was completed by 18 July 2018 in less than a year. Sub-station works of Annaram were commenced on 1 April 2017 and was commissioned it by integrating with the grid on 14 September 2018. Medigadda sub-station works commenced in April 2017 and was made ready by 29 September 2018, after being charged and integrated with the grid.

Having successfully completed the setting up of four sub-stations and subsequently integrating them with the grid under Link-1, MEIL has ensured that everything is in place for uninterrupted power supply from Jaipur (Adilabad) Power Station up to Medigadda. The Government of Telangana has awarded erection of four sub-stations work to MEIL in 2017 and all the four sub-stations were built and made ready in a record time between May and September 2018 said Praveen Sarath Deekshit, Vice-President of MEIL’s Power Division – MEIL.

The Ramadugu pumping station built by MEIL under package-8 of the Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Scheme is considered being unique and the largest in the world. It has seven pumps each with 139 MW capacities. To supply power for these giant motors MEIL has built a 400/13.8/11 KV capacity sub-station. Along with the sub-station a 400 KV QMDC transmission line has been laid for a distance of 18 KMS.

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Sundilla in less than a year
Sundilla pump house integrates Link-1 with Link-2. 9 motors with pumps are being installed to lift and pump 2 TMC of water for a day. To energise 9 pump motors at the 360 MW capacity pumping station at Sundilla a 400/220/11 KV sub-station and transmission line was put in place by MEIL. The sub-station apart from supplying power to motors at Sundilla pump house it also supplies power to 220/11 KV sub-station at Annaram and 220/11KV Medigadda sub-station.

Annaram Sub-Station
To supply power to 480 MW capacity Annaram pump house which has 12 pump motors a 220/11KV sub-station and transmission line was erected. A 220 KV TMDC transmission line for a distance of 28 KMs was laid from Sundilla sub-station to Annaram sub-station.

Medigadda empowers four sub-stations
With completion of charging process of Medigadda sub-station under Link-1 of Kaleshwaram project all the four sub-stations have come in handy. To energise 17 pump motors in the 600 MW Medigadda pump house MEIL has erected a 220/11 KV sub-station at Medigadda. A 220 KV TMDC transmission line has been laid for 80 KMs from Sundilla sub-station to Medigadda sub-station.

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Having completed all the four crucial sub-stations under Link-1 by MEIL, arrangement are being made to conduct dry and wet runs soon to lift and pump Godavari water from Medigadda barrage to Annaram barrage, from there to Sundilla barrage and from Sundilla to Sripada Yellampalli project.

Having enormous expertise in execution of power transmission and sub-station projects across the country and tight timelines set by the government of Telangana for completion of works in Kaleshwaram project, MEIL has executed works at a brisk pace with continuous monitoring and successfully completed them in record time. Building four sub-stations, laying transmission lines in such a short span of time has never been done anywhere before. It is a rare feat achieved by MEIL, said an elated Praveen Sarad Deekshit VP of MEIL’s power division.

In earlier occasions too MEIL has set new records in completion of sub-stations and transmission lines erection works. MEIL has set a national record and won an award from Power Grid Corporation of India after it has completed 400/220 KV power grid works in NP Kunta of Andhra Pradesh in just a matter of seven months.

Under Kaleshwaram project MEIL has taken up building four sub-stations in Link-1 and two sub-stations in Link-2. All the four sub-stations and charging of transmission lines under Link-1 has been successfully completed.#KhabarLive