You will wonder, any place who walks in the evening time at Tolichowki area, a huge army of dangerous, virus-affected mosquitoes will attack you. As the picture shows you, the intensity of this problem.

Not just walking, if you talk, laugh or open your mouth, then the mosquitoes will enter into your mouth causing heavy discomfort. This is a daily exercise the residents are facing since last couple of months.

Several pleas, many complaints, so many requests foiled at government and political bigwigs tables. This time, if this problem is not attended, the residents are not allowing any political parties to campaign for elections. #NoWork_NoVote policy taken by these area residents, seriously.

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In Hyderabad, a person can live without oxygen but not live without a mosquito coil, ointment, bat or net. Come October, the slow chill dominates the rainy season which is the high on problem of mosquitoes and its menace.

Four mosquito species that were uncommon in Hyderabad and mainly found in villages, have invaded the twin cities and that has been the major problem for the people.It is intolerable and disturbs the sleep apart from the constant fear of exposure to diseases like malaria and dengue.

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Mostly affected areas like Mehdipatnam, Asifnagar, Tolichowki, Golconda, Shalibanda, Marredpally, New Bowenpally, Alwal, Keesara, Kondapur, Quthbullapur, Serilingampally areas dominated by huge mosquito menace which falls every year but this time no solution by GHMC troubling the situations.

People aren’t been able to walk out of there houses and not even able to stand in there
balconies. As they are constantly requesting the GHMC to use larvicides and fogging to cure the situation as soon as possible. #KhabarLive