Election fever has gripped almost all parts of Telangana and leaders of various political parties are busy campaigning in different ways. Amidst tight schedules, the contestants are meeting people in the colonies and seeking votes.

In an innovative way to woo voters of Nampally constituency, AIMIM party leaders are distributing paper tea cups, polythene covers and what not, printed with the party symbol and messages asking for votes.

To their amusement, two youngsters working in a private company, who ordered food online on Monday from a restaurant based in Nampally found that even tissue papers in the food packets had messages asking for votes.

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A tea vendor in First Lancer area said the party leaders had distributed the specially printed paper tea cups in all shops and hotels.

Former Nampally MLA and MIM contestant Jaffar Hussain Meraj at an election campaign in Hyderabad.

Former Nampally MLA and MIM contestant Jaffar Hussain Meraj has also shared the pictures of the publicity material on his social media accounts.

Speaking to #KhabarLive, Meraj said the innovative style of campaigning would help voters know the party symbol, especially women. He wants the party symbol to reach every home so that voters won’t get confused.

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When asked about the developmental works he carried out in the Nampally constituency, he said he had focused on overall development, with special focus on the health sector. #KhabarLive

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