This restaurant promises a meal that will remind you of the comfort of home. The feel is that of a hearty meal, straight out of the kitchen at home amidst a beautiful setting of green foliage, vines, warm lighting, swings for seats and floor-to-ceiling glass windows—the idea is to feel at home, feel comfortable and have a hearty meal.

Verandah Moonshine, an open-courtyard-themed restaurant in the middle of the bustling Punjabi Bagh is an escape from the reality of the streets outside. Once inside, one can’t help but get transported back to a rustic yet charming setting and the beautiful aroma from the chef’s kitchen sure brings that familiar feeling of home.

Our afternoon began with a Summer Treat (Orange and Pineapple Mocktail) which went perfectly with the food and really was a treat to our palate. We went with Chef Pawan Bisht’s recommendations and kicked off our meal with Cream Cheese Stuffed Tandoori Aloo, Sago Popcorn, Verandah’s Signature Chicken Boti Kebabs (served cutting chai style!), Chicken Boti Appam and Verandah’s Signature Chakhna Platter (the platter was served with 6 jars filled with chakhna from different regions of India).

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I was not new to Chef Pawan Bisht’s creation, him being one of the city’s most sought-after chefs. I knew just what to expect from his kitchen—a no-fuss, healthy and hearty food. Not a believer of overly decorated plates, Chef Pawan maintained his signature—quality over gimmicks.

First to appear from his kitchen, chicken boti kebab—tender, juicy chicken with just the right amount of charring, perfectly seasoned and beautifully coloured by deghi mirch left me wanting for more. Tandoori paneer and Kerala style tandoori prawns were next. While tandoori paneer had authentic taste of Delhi, prawn was an exciting combination of north and south India. Jumbo prawns prepared in coconut oil with fiery chillies and garnished with lemon juice, sauteed onion and coriander.

Main course was an elaborate one that started with Nizami daawat wale kebab (perfect for two)—juicy and well seasoned mutton kebabs on a bed of fluffy hot paratha, garnished with mint chutney. The item no doubt heavy, had the perfect balance of spices that turned every bite into a burst of flavour. Next came a very pleasant surprise, Chicken Sanju Baba, inspired by the Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt.

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Moving on to the main course, we indulged in Kaake Da Saag Chicken with Stuffed Garlic Naan. For dessert, we ‘overindulged’ in the Mava Cheesecake and Mango Curd. The star of our sinful meal you ask? Honestly, each dish was unique which burst with flavours! But if we had to pick our favourites, it would be the Tandoori Aloo and Mava Cheese Cake.

The portions were extremely generous which is rarely seen in restaurants these days. Chef Pawan has magic in his hands and a second visit is due for sure, one visit was definitely not enough!

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A chicken dish prepared in a nut-based gravy, served with mini kulcha and an accompanying dish of palak lasooni. With all the goodness of grilled meat and wonderful spices and flavours, what took me by surprise was the humble palak lasooni—spinach paste cooked in pure desi ghee and finely chopped garlic. The dish gave other dishes on the table a stiff competition. The flavour of desi ghee and the sweetness of spinach and garlic was perfect in every sense. It’s not just about quality at Verandah Moonshine, they believe in quantity as well.

Must end a meal on a sweet note? Go for their mava cheese cake. It comes with rose flavoured ice cream and berry compote. A perfect end to a perfect Indian meal.

The Information
Where: Verandah Moonshine, 2/85 Third Floor, Club Road, West Punjabi Bagh, Delhi.

Cost for two: ₹ 1500 for two, inclusive of taxes.