Thirty two voters have been enrolled from one particular house in Secunderabad Cantonment assembly constituency. The election authorities are still verifying the shocking event, but the opposition parties are pondering over apathy of the officials of Secunderabad Cantonment Board (SCB) election wing.

Congress leader M Krishank was blown after the final voters list came out. A few voters’ names have been registered on the same door No (5-05-002) though they reside within the other areas of the Cantonment.

“Without verifying the credentials of voters’ details, the SCB officials finalised the voters’ list. It is surprising that the ECI has not responded to our pleas and failed to rectify the names,” Krishank told a source.

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In a similar twist of events, a glaring oversight was caught regarding the Secunderabad Cantonment MLA G Sayanna family. The names of two daughters of the MLA who had won from Secunderabad Cantonment were dealt with manipulation during the 2014 elections.

The name of Gaini Namratha appeared twice in Secunderabad Cantonment and once in Musheerabad. In the Cantonment, her name appeared twice as ‘Kum G Namrata’ and ‘Mrs Namrata Gaini’, once with father’s name and second time with her husband Sharat Chandra’s name.

“We made an appeal to ECI on the errors. But authorities did not take cognizance of our pleas and declared the final voters’ list,” Krishank said.

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According to the EC rule, if a person who is having his/her name in two assembly constituencies, the person who is concerned should submit a Form VI with a plea for deletion of his/her name from one constituency and should refer to which constituency he/she deserves to continue with. #KhabarLive