Controversial spiritual leader and Sree Peetham seer Swami Paripoornanand is most likely to join the Bharatiya Janata Party and might even contest the coming elections as well, if one were to go by the indications from New Delhi.

#KhabarLive carried a hint story in these columns, now, the same is taking shape officially. The attack on AIMIM in old city and to strategise the routing modules is the prime topics of their meeting.

Paripoornananda had a closed door meeting with BJP national president Amit Shah in New Delhi and discussed with him the present politics in the state.

Though it is not exactly known what transpired between the Swamiji and Shah, it appears to be certain that the seer would soon join the BJP.

Apparently, the BJP national leadership, who has been looking for a prominent face for the party to go to the elections, seems to have found Paripoornanda Swamy as the suitable candidate.

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If everything works out, he will be projected as Yogi Adityanath of Telangana, so as to galvanise Hindus and get the maximum mileage.

“The BJP central leadership is not happy with the lack of proper leadership in Telangana. It wants to consolidate its base during the Narendra Modi regime to counter the MIM.

“If Modi-Shah regime cannot dismantle the MIM, it cannot happen anytime in the future. Perhaps, Paripoornanda can provide the kind of leadership Modi and Shah are looking for,” a BJP leader said.

However, it is not clear whether Paripoornananda is interested in contesting the assembly elections or the Lok Sabha polls.

But it remains to be seen how far the BJP leaders and cadre accept him as their boss, since he is a new entrant into politics.

A few days ago, Paripoornanda expressed his interest to join politics, given a chance. He said there was a possibility of him joining the BJP, provided he got an offer.

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“If I have to join, then the party will choose me. But I cannot run after the party. At the same, our frequencies have to match,” he said.

The Swamiji kicked up a controversy with his sharp attack on controversial film critic Kathi Mahesh who made inflammatory comments on Ramayana.

Following his provocative comments against other religious communities, Paripoornananda was externed from Hyderabad on July 11 for six months by the Hyderabad police. However, the Telangana High Court reversed the ban after a petition was filed by the Hindu seer.

Earlier, is a tectonic change in politics in the offing? Is young sanyasi Swami Paripurnanand taking the political plunge? The political circles went into a tizzy after BJP national president Amit Shah summoned the Swami to Delhi. The Swami, who normally does not venture out during the Pitrupaksh, had to set aside the rule and rushed to New Delhi.

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This gave rise to speculations about Swami Paripurnananda’s political entry. He will play the role that Yogi Adityanath is palying in UP. Immensely popular for his connect with the youth and women as also for his spiritual speeches, Swami Paripurnananda will in all likelihood campaign for the BJP and may even be announced as the BJP’s CM candidate. Swami is already very popular for his TV encounters with Kanche Ilahah and externment from Hyderabad.

He has also hit the headlines when he launched a padayatra to Yadadri in protest against Kathi Mahesh’s comments on Lord Rama. The BJP fully backed the swami and took lead in organizing protests when he was externed. The BJP must have noted all these things and may have decided to take the Swami on board. #KhabarLive