The proposed Maha Kootami or the grand alliance of the opposition parties is on rocks even before it is formed, thanks to the power hungry attitude of the Congress leaders and too much competition for too less number of seats.

While the Congress leadership is of the view that the Telangana Rashtra Samithi could be defeated only if all major opposition parties come together and form an alliance so that there would be no split in the anti-TRS votes, majority of the local Congress leaders feel that the party should not compromise on the number of seats it would contest.

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Reason is simple: If there is no alliance, more number of aspirants from the Congress will get the chance to contest the elections, irrespective of whether they would win the elections or not. They argue that even if there is no alliance, the partners should not be given more than 19-20 seats.

At a meeting being held at Golkonda resorts on the city outskirts, majority of the Telangana Congress leaders suggested to the PCC leadership that the party should contest in not less than 100 seats and the remaining could be given to other alliance partners.

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They argued that the Congress would be able to get absolute majority only if it contests 100 seats.

The Congress wants to complete the seat adjustments by Wednesday night and wants to indicate the seats to be left out to the alliance partners. A meeting of the alliance partners is expected to take place late in the evening.

If the Congress leaders are firm on their stand, the other alliance partners also might have to decide their own course of action. #KhabarLive

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