Election Commission of India had announced the Elections for Telangana Assembly will happen on December 7th and the results will be out on 11th of that month. The Commission just announced the dates but said the schedule will be out on November 12th as there is a pending case in Hyderabad High Court.

When there is a case pending, there raise questions why the Commission announced the dates. The Opposition is alleging that KCR and Modi entered into a Quid Pro Quo deal. Accordingly, Modi Government will help the elections to happen by this year-end while KCR will come to the rescue of NDA Government if needed after the Parliament Elections.

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Accordingly, the Election Commission is in a hurry at the behest of the Central Government, they say. Telangana CM KCR dissolved the Assembly with an intention of not giving time for the Opposition to Prepare and he will be delighted with this schedule.

TRS is already well prepared having announced 105 candidates out of the total 119 seats in Telangana. Unless the court intervenes the Elections will happen on December 7th as planned. There is a case pending in the high court about illegal removal of Lakhs of votes. #KhabarLive