Politicians who are known for keeping their secrets safe only reveal them when they are hurt. Same is the condition of TRS former minister Naini Narasimha Reddy. Naini who admired KCR all these days, recently vented out his pain along with some shocking facts to media.

Naini reportedly asked KCR to allot Musheerabad assembly seat for his son-in-law for which the latter didn’t give any answer. Naini who was an MLC last time stopped himself from contesting and not getting a confirmation from KCR regarding his son-in-law’s ticket pushed him into a lot of worries.

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Known for being so close to KCR and an active member in Telangana agitation, Naini is facing the heat from his close circles of not being able to get a party ticket for his son-in-law Srinivasa Reddy. Out of this frustration, he vented out in front of media and revealed all these details. He added that, KCR said Srinivasa Reddy to start working in Musheerabad area last year itself.

Naini reportedly met KCR two times regarding this issue and the latter said that he would finalize the Musheerabad ticket only after consulting Naini. Naini remembered the past in 2014 where KCR denied him from contesting from Musheerabad and convinced him to contest from LB Nagar despite Naini being sceptical about it and promised 10 crores for campaigning.

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Later, he made him a minister. Narasimha Reddy stated that he is waiting for KCR’s appointment and would take all these things into his notice. Will he get the appointment or not? Lets wait and see! #KhabarLive