Why is KCR consistently refusing to change the already announced candidates? Reason, we all know that KCR has announced 105 out of 119 names soon after dissolving the assembly. This showed his readiness to face the elections and his determination too give the first mover advantage to his candidates. But, there has been lot of opposition to the announced names and dissidence has reached uncontrollable proportions in at least 20-30 constituencies. In several places, rebels are breathing down the neck of the official candidates.

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Despite all this, KCR has been consistently saying that there would be no change in the candidates. Even his family members are parroting the same sentence. Many observers feel that KCR needs to change at least 20 names as there is heavy anti-incumbency. But, KCR staunchly believes that the people will vote for him, not for his candidates.

But, insiders say there is another reason for KCR’s refusal to change the candidates. They say, KCR has already disbursed money to the official candidates. Huge amounts have already been transferred to them and changing the candidate at this stage would mean that the money will get stuck in the wrong hands and the newly nominated leader will have to struggle for money. It is because of this that the KCR is refusing to change his candidates. #KhabarLive

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