TRS supremo KCR’s biggest enemy, it appears, is not the Congress, nor the BJP and not even Kodandaram. His over confidence, according to many political pundits, is his real enemy. It could be his undoing.

A leader has to be confident, but not over confident. But, KCR seems to be over confident. He had several surveys commissioned and took lot of intel inputs before taking the electoral plunge. But, the fact is in politics, a week is a long time. The people’s mood changes in a jiffy. There is a clear change in the mood in Telangana. The people are asking uncomfortable questions and the MLAs are facing embarrassing situation when they are meeting the people. The rebels are turning the heat on and are giving a tough time for the official candidates.

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KCR hoped to cajole the rebels within few days. But, that does not seem to be happening. The rebels are only toughening their stance. Even threats seem to be not working.

Also, Wednesday’s comments on Andhra settlers by KCR at Nizamabad may even prove counter-productive for the party. It could actually alienate the Andhra settlers, who are in large numbers in many constituencies in Nizamabad. During the GHMC elections, the settlers voted for the TRS in a big way. But, will this happen this time? Especially after the comments at Nizamabad, can KCR hope to get their votes?

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Clearly, over confidence seems to be getting better of KCR. His comments are hurting major sections and could actually go against him. Also, the rebels are proving to be a much bigger problem than anticipated. Despite all these things, KCR has been saying repeatedly that he would get no less than 100 seats. A clear case of over confidence? #KhabarLive