To utmost disgust and unwanted surprise, a regular customer of a KFC store in Bistupur area of Jamshedpur witnessed a worm-infested food. Residents of Sonari, Rathin Majumder had gone to KFC with his family for evening snacks in the KFC-outlet at P&M Hi-Tech City Centre Mall in the city, when their 6-year-old daughter spotted a worm crawling in her burger.

The young girl was about to take a bite of her plain cheeseburger when she spotted the worm and informed her parents. When the parents complained the KFC executives at the counter, they clearly denied their responsibility and alleged that the worm had crept into the burger from somewhere else. However, they reimbursed the bill and promised a probe.

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“My daughter was decorating her burger with French fries when she noticed the worm crawling inside the base bun. We complained, but the tone of KFC’s response was denial. I was aghast. Worse, they were offering us free this and free that to compensate for their incompetence and negligence,” said the mother, Natasha while talking to The Telegraph.

Girl’s father, Majumder recorded the whole incident in his phone and posted it on social media including YouTube which went viral and within few hours the video received over 36,000 views and above 1,200 shares on Facebook. The family also registered a general diary entry with the Bistupur police the next day.

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“If this is the state of quality management in a brand like KFC, god help people. Had my daughter eaten the burger; had she taken ill, who would have been responsible?” asked Majumder, an employee of a private industrial firm in Adityapur.

According to Natasha the Regional Manager of KFC Subrata Chakraborty also called her from Patna after the incident and asked if they could visit her home. However, the family refused to meet any team from KFC at their home and Majumdar asked them to write an email instead.

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“KFC India is committed to following the best international standards across all restaurants. We would like to assure our customers that we take all measures to serve products that are of the highest quality and safe for consumption. We have been notified of this issue and are investigating the incident.

Customers are welcome to walk into our restaurants across India, and ask for a kitchen tour, to see for themselves the stringent quality and hygiene standards that we follow,” the email read. #KhabarLive