The seat distribution among the alliance partners of Maha Kootami seems to be an unending saga in Telangana elections. Even as the heat is gradually building up in Telangana with elections just a month away, there is still suspense over the survival of Maha Kootami even before it takes the birth.

While the three alliance partners – the Telugu Desam Party, the Telangana Jana Sena and the Communist Party of India are still bargaining for more seats and good constituencies, the Congress party itself is struggling to finalise its own list due to hectic lobbying by the party ticket aspirants.

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While there is not much problem with the candidates in 57 assembly segments, it is facing difficulty in finalising the candidates for the remaining constituencies.

There are more than two candidates lobbying for each seat, but the high command is looking for candidates with strong political, economic and social back ground which helps to win in the ensuing elections.

On Wednesday, the Central Screening Committee of the Congress party met again in Delhi to finalize the candidates.

The aspirants are camping in New Delhi to lobby for themselves and see that their names are included in the list. Needless to say, money bags and high level connections are playing a key role in finalising the names.

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If the reports from New Delhi are any indication, the list will not be finalised for another two days. The suspense continues over the Maha Kootami episode! #KhabarLive