In an interesting twists of how people in Old City give importance to claims of leaders that some important personality appeared in their dream, a local politician and president of All India Anti-Corruption Committee claimed that late Sultan Salahuddin Owaisi, father of MIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi asked him to show right path to two of his sons, who got deviated from MIM’s original mission.

Little known amongst political circles, Mujahed Mohiuddin Khudri’s claim raised eyebrows and received widespread attention in local media, in the light of Akbaruddin Owaisi’s claim that Prophet Muhammad appeared in his dream, following murder bid on him a few years ago. Interestingly, Mujahed claimed that late Salahuddin referred as Salar-e-Millat appeared not once but thrice in his dreams, prompting him to visit his graveyard to pray. He said that he would not keep quiet until he delivered the message of Salar to public.

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Later organising a press meet, he claimed that the father of Asaduddin and Akbaruddin first appeared in his dream on September 10 and each time he spoke to him and sobbed. Salar requested the leader to show both the siblings the right path, as they were damaging the decades of his service rendered for the best interests of Muslims. “Salar-e-Millat requested me to bring them to the right path, as they were damaging everything for he had stood for in his entire life. Hence it was an important message I am delivering this to the people,” he claimed.

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Mujahid also brought to light the incident of Azaan International School, where a 4-year old girl was allegedly raped in the month of September. While showing the complaint copy with Human Rights Commission where he had demanded investigation, he held that the culprit still was roaming scot-free without getting punished. “I approached to meet these leaders in Darussalam, but was made to run pillar to post for getting justice for her. Every minor’s parents continue to wait anxiously during evening hours before their child reaches home safely,” he noted.

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The leader alleged that MIM helped the BJP win in UP elections and letting down the mission of late Salar. “We love and respect Salar for what he was, but his sons are considering their constituents as nothing worthwhile. I am delivering the message of their father to people so that he does not question me on the day of judgement,” he added. Mujahid requested the people to vote for Mahakutami, as the MIM’s current leadership has become arrogant like the great kings of the history who challenged the God. #KhabarLive