The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Friday released its second list of 28 candidates for the upcoming Telangana elections on December 7. The party will release its third list of 53 candidates next week after Deepavali.

The party released its first list of 38 nominees for the 119 assembly constituency on October 20. With the release of the second list, the total number of candidates who will actively begin campaigning shortly stands at 66.

“The third list of 53 candidates is due next week after Deepavali,” said Krishna Sagar Rao, the Telangana BJP spokesperson. “We have decided on the candidates based on the politically regular format of the section, which is based on their work in the party and leadership and ability to win elections,” he added.

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The gazette notification for the elections will be issued on November 12 and the last date for filing nominations is November 19.

The BJP in Telangana will be fighting elections on the poll plank of zero Value Added Tax (VAT) on fuel and regulation of liquor shop timings.

“We will not ban alcohol in the state, we will only regulate it. All liquor and wine shops will work only between 10 am to 6 pm, and work only five days a week. We don’t want the excise department to be viewed solely as a revenue-generating entity,” said NVSS Prabhakar, the BJP manifesto committee chairman while speaking to #KhabarLive earlier. “We will include this in our party manifesto as we do not want alcohol to ruin people’s lives and society,” he added.

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BJP also intends to bring down VAT charged by the state, currently at 32% for petrol and 27% for diesel, down to 0%.

The party has also come up with sops to attract urban voters in Hyderabad, Karimnagar and Warangal by charging just Rs 6 per month per household for water in the state.

The BJP hopes to provide 1 lakh jobs to fill government vacancies within three months of coming to power. The party plans to do this by setting up free online coaching and career guidance centres for students appearing for competitive exams in the state.

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The party also intends to cancel surcharges presently levied on commuters by TSRTC buses for trips undertaken during festivals. It is also looking to woo TSRTC employees by ensuring that a portion of the corporation’s profits will go to employees.

Constituting a “task force” is another BJP plan to protect the lands owned by the Waqf Board and other religious institutions. They also plan to phase out older autos and buses by giving the owners new pollution-free vehicles. #KhabarLive