The advocates of Telangana are more in the news for their activism and acts of hooliganism rather than their legal acumen. They created a major ruckus after bifurcation by attacking Andhra advocates and judges and have been clamoring for a separate High Court.

Of course, they are being used as pawns by KCR to further the unrest against the Andhras. But it is ironic that those who are supposed to uphold justice resort to unconstitutional acts time and again instead of taking recourse to a legal solution.

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Now, they are in the news again for requesting the Telangana State chief electoral officer Rajat Kumar to keep special vigilance on TPCC working president and former TD leader Revanth Reddy.

They alleged that Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister and TD president N Chandrababu Naidu is going to spend Rs 500 crore for the upcoming polls.

They expressed their concern regarding Chandrababu distributing money through Revanth Reddy and said that for free and fair elections, the election commission should watch every movement of Revanth Reddy by setting up special vigilance.

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The request itself reeks of prejudice. If the advocates want free and fair elections, why should Revanth Reddy alone be monitored? Is the TRS, a Party without any corruption and a Party without any blemish?

Will they win the elections without spending a dime?

If the advocates were sincere in their appeal, they would have requested that all political parties be properly monitored, not just Revanth Reddy who was stupid enough to get caught in the Stephenson case.

The advocates sound more like TRS Party workers rather than gentlemen who help to uphold the constitutional rights of citizens in the State. #KhabarLive