The days of being great at just one thing are over. The children of today are hungry to explore their ideas and passions. They want to be more and do more. In years gone by, this was neither possible nor necessary. But today you don’t have to be a dancer or an athlete, a musician or a sportsperson – you can be it all. The opportunities are everywhere! All you need is the mind and hunger of child to pursue it fearlessly.

Health food drinks brand Horlicks recognises this reality and translates it intuitively through its “Passion Paathshaala” video. The video opens on the daily commutes of seemingly average children. You see them travelling to or from classes with their parents.

They seem happy but slightly distracted by specific things happening as they head to class.

The musician feels the pull of the game as he walks by the football field. The karate kid can’t take her eyes off the practising dancers. This is not a surface interest. They are go-getters who are excelling in their respective fields. Yet there is a fire inside them to spread their wings and surprise the world with new skills.

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After we get a glimpse of these little children’s desires, we are asked to think about how much we really know our kids. This moment stops the viewer in their tracks and makes them think. This scene then transitions to a unique platform – Horlicks Passion Paathshala. This is a place that provides kids with the opportunity to grow and excel in any field of their choice. The programs include everything from singers to football and dance coaches to encourage these children to discover a new side of themselves.

Next, we jump to the day of the talent showcase at the end of the Passion Paathshala program. Parents, of course, believed that their children would excel at the stuff they were already good/great at. They were in for a HUGE surprise; they just didn’t know it then. All of them are shown waiting patiently in the audience for their respective kids to come onto the stage and deliver a performance.

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There are encouraging smiles and looks of expectation on every face. As the curtain goes up on the first act, there’s a close up on the karate champ on stage in her full gear. As the show starts, she rips off her karate shell to reveal her fun, new dance avatar. Surprise! She’s can really rock some dance moves. The shock on her mother’s face is momentary before she breaks into a smile and is clearly so very proud.

All the other children follow suit similarly with their newly acquired skills and smiles all around only get bigger and brighter. It becomes clear that what is most important is recognising a child’s potential and feed their ‘hunger for more’.

The video subtly highlights the fact that the kids of today have a voracious appetite for being experts in many things, not just one. Horlicks Passion Paathshala shows there is no complex formula following a passion. But, fuelling the hunger to grow and excel is the only way we can make sure outstanding talents always find a way to shine.

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Every child has the hunger to do more. Presenting Horlicks Passion Paathshala – a workshop where Horlicks and children come together to surprise everyone with revelations of new talents and passions.

Watch the film ( and head on to take the Passion Test to find out the passions of your child. (Disclaimer: The passion test has been designed and provided by iTrust. GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Ltd (GSK) makes no claims, promises, or guarantees about the accuracy, completeness, or adequacy of the contents/results of this test/counselling which are for information purposes only.)

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