We offer the right SEO ingredients for every brand. Whether you own a small surf shop or are an SEO professional working at a Fortune 500 company, we’ll help you source the best links and develop the most strategic content that will improve brand exposure and search engine performance.
  • Build links that search engines value
  • Increase brand exposure
  • Improve search engine rankings
  • Manage your campaign(s) or work with our strategists
  • Enhance site authority
Building links through Content Marketing is a surefire way to gain exposure and authority while increasing awareness of your brand. This content features permanent one-way links to your home page or any sub page from relevant, high-value web properties. We reach out to bloggers and website editors in your niche and provide them with engaging content written by authors who know your industry.
We can even include an image and co-citation to ensure the content has the most natural look and feel while maximizing the authority passed to your website. These content assets not only improve your website’s rankings in the search engines, but also position your brand in front of a larger digital audience and build trust within your industry.
Build links at a discounted rate over a multi-month duration.
Establish 100% relevant backlinks within your niche.
Improved brand recognition and affinity.
  • Five-star written content by native English writer.
  • Diversify your backlink profile.
  • Great for deep linking.
  • Full submission report included.
  • Provides useful information to customers and prospects.
Package         Article Length               Domain Authority       Price/Post
Standard           500 words                           20+                       $250.00
Visibility           750 words                            25+                        $400.00
Visibility+          750 words                           40+                       $550.00
Visibility++       1000 words                           50+                      $750.00
  • 5-Post Minimum for all Content Marketing Orders.
  • Prices are listed as per post.
  • All posts guaranteed for 12 months.
  • Contact your sales representative for possible discounts on bulk orders.
The process of showcasing high-quality content throughout a variety of highly-visible social platforms including social aggregation sites (StumbleUpon, Reddit, etc.) and social communities (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.). Combining both natural and paid opportunities, Social Promotion provides your Infographic with the highest level of targeted visibility possible.
How does it work?
Once seeded and given the exposure our Social Promotion process provides, your Infographic is able to perform naturally by receiving positive interaction from the other social users within a given community. We conduct quality reviews on every Social Promotion campaign to ensure your content has the natural interaction needed to go viral and give the search engines the social signals it is looking for.
What can you expect?
As Social Promotion campaigns rely on natural interaction to succeed, it is very difficult to provide exact result estimates. The results listed below, however, are what we continue to see on average:
In successful campaigns, aggregate sites such as Reddit and StumbleUpon each directly send about 750 to 10,000 visits from their sites, with anywhere from 10,000 to 100,000 visits going viral outside of those communities.
In successful campaigns, social profile and bookmarking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest each send anywhere from 50 to 200+ updates or bookmarks, and anywhere from 50 to 100 shares or bookmarks go viral outside of the social communities themselves.
An additional benefit of Social Promotion is that many campaigns result in a number of natural inbound links, along with increased branding, feedback, and conversions about your content.
Remember that not all campaigns are successful. Each social community receives hundreds of quality submissions and shares each day, but only features a handful of them.
  1. Facebook
  2. LinkedIn
  3. Reddit
  4. StumbleUpon
  5. Pinterest
  6. Twitter
  7. + others
*Remember that every Social Promotion campaign has a different result and the above numbers are meant to represent a general average of previous results. Many factors play into the success of Social Promotion, including site, popularity and quality of the content, time of day, day of the week, topic, and current events happening at the same time as the promotion campaigns.
The newest service in our repertoire is the powerful Presell Pages. These full pages of content (400+ words) focus directly on your keywords and subject matter.
Presell Pages are similar to our inLinks product, but each page is dedicated specifically to your chosen topic. These pages also provide authoritative co-citation, relevant copy, and targeted title tags. Each Presell Page is also linked directly from the publisher’s homepage. Get the perfect link with the maximum amount of link popularity!
  • A new page written entirely about your product or niche
  • Link embedded with content along with other authoritative links in the article
  • Your Presell Page remains linked from the home page
  • 100% natural look and feel
Infographics (IG) are an extremely engaging way to display to your readers a substantial amount of pertinent information in a unique visual format. By hosting this unique and informative content on your site, and by reaching out to other properties within your niche or vertical, we can assist in making this form of social media go viral. From IG creation, to the all-important and hard to find webmaster outreach, we can do it all!
We leverage our extensive publisher network and expertise in link building strategies to introduce advertisers and publishers with contextually relevant content. With INNLIVE SEO, advertisers can:
Infographic distribution outreach with the click of a button. Let us handle the dirty work and give your Infographic the best chance at going viral.
Benefit from flat rate pricing. One-time fee to get your Infographic hosted.
Improve search engine rankings with links to your site from high-value publishers chosen for their relevance and high authority with the major search engines.
  • Gain trust and authority by building branded links.
  • Be provided in-depth reporting based on highly relevant, highly valued keywords to drive increased rankings.
  • Continuously test, improve and optimize SEO and Link Building initiatives with advanced reporting and tracking tools.
Authoritative permanent link building through pages found via one-on-one webmaster communication.
Our qualified team prospects publishers using internal proprietary software looking for sites that are semantically relevant to your niche or product.
Links will be placed on pages with high quality content already in place.
Over 15 different metrics checked to make sure the site and page is in good standing.
  • All advertisements will be placed within the HTML body of the page in question, therefore a true in-content link.
  • We do the research, outreach, placement and monitoring.
  • Pages are ranking for semantically relevant terms.
Links will be placed on higher authority domains and on existing, aged pages. The various metrics used to assess page quality is what makes these links so effective.
  • Find relevant links in virtually any niche
  • Flat one-time pricing
  • In HTML body links
  • Contextually relevant
  • Links guaranteed for at least a year
  • Full report as the links are built
  • Another way to diversify your backlink portfolio
Forum Links are in-content rich forum posts linked directly to a relevant website allowing users to enter into online discussions. These links are created within popular forums where people post fresh content. Keywords are random to keep the natural look and feel. Now you can add permanent one-way links to your website with a one-time cost.
Forum Links provide the added value of instant click-through traffic.
Forum Links are a great way to get permanent links for a one-time fee.
We place Forum Links in a very natural format to keep the integrity of the campaign. This includes randomized link text and placing a small percentage of Forum Links with a no-follow attribute.
Purchase Forum Links
  • 5 Permanent Forum Links   $500
  • 10 Permanent Forum Links $1,000
  • 15 Permanent Forum Links $1,500
  • 25 Permanent Forum Links $2,500
  • 50 Permanent Forum Links $5,000
  • Building relevancy to the site
  • Additional click through value
  • Diversifying backlink profile
  • Affordable (one time payment)
  • Full submission report
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