Tollywood actress Pooja Jhaveri launched the three-day ‘Hi-Life’ exhibition at HICC Novotel in Hyderabad. Presented a myriad of accessories from fashion to home to furnishing concepts, stationary to gifting ideas and from tasteful artefacts to avante garde art, customised accessories, the designs reflect modern sophistication with traditional roots.

Aby Dominic Chief Organizer of Hi-Life Exhibition said, “The evolution of HI-LIFE as brand and household name is truly phenomenal giving the elite a myriad list to choose from for every occasion. This season be a part of the larger than life fashion extravaganza.

The exclusive showcase guarantees a display of some of the finest prêt, haute couture, artefacts, accessories, home decor and luxury products unlike any one out there! Don’t miss this chance and be there.

After achieving success in cities like Bangalore, Pune, Cochin, Chennai, Mumbai, Jaipur and even Sri Lanka, the epitome of luxury living concept: HI LIFE is back again and finally here after all the wait! Today is the day to revel in the festivities, fill up your bags with excitement, throw away all the worries and take in the glorious exhibit painstakingly put forward just for you!

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Be an adjunct to the most affluent and sophisticated audience along with a hoard of designers and pop up brands and the finest of products that assure quality and excellence and free up your entire day because once you step a foot in, you won’t get out; such is their charm.

Showcasing for the next two days are some of the finest works by 150 designers from all over India. From bridal wear, party wear, designer clothes and jewellery, furnishing concepts, tasteful decor articles to fashion accessories and avant garde art, THEY HAVE IT ALL! When you have such a plethora of choices, you can’t resist the tempation, can you?

Splurge on the best that you deserve this weekend and create waves in the city with their spectacular collection and parade out the fashionista in you to the utmost! Be a part of a grand fanfare of lifestyle and fashion and never look back!

Hi Life Exhibitions is a signature fashion, lifestyle & luxury exhibitions company in India. With an ever-expanding pan India presence, it is the leading organizer of world class exhibitions for the discerning few who settle for nothing but the finest.

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Hi Life offers an inspiring and indulgent day of fashion, pampering and retail therapy for visitors who prefer an engaging and differentiated shopping experience and products that are specifically tailored to their desires and lifestyle.

Hi Life brings splendor, grandeur and beauty under one roof in the finest hotels in the metros & top Tier 1 and 2 cities across India. It provides the visitor an opportunity to view, experience and select from the very best in Designer Apparels, Jewellery, Fashion Accessories, Home Decor, Furnishing Concepts, Gifting Ideas, Artefacts & Avant Garde Art. Hi-Life was launched in Mumbai in 2013. It manages the marquee brand Design Library to deliver the ultimate in luxury retail experiences fit for royalty.

Hi Life is the brainchild of Aby Dominic, a highly regarded industry veteran associated with more than 500 exhibitions across India and overseas in a career spanning over two decades.

Hi Life was launched in Mumbai in 2013 by Dominic to usher in a new era of exhibitions customized for an omni-channel world. Since then it has been at the forefront of redefining the industry with its blend of cutting-edge marketing, pioneering concepts and innovative strategies for new-age exhibitions.

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Dominic attributes his success to focus, hard work, commitment, and self-belief. That’s not all. Ethics and trust are equally important. “I believe how we conduct ourselves is essential. You need your own personal code of ethics, and you need to live by it. Business — particularly in our environment — is built on trust. Our exhibitors and customers need to trust us. Your reputation is key when it comes to trust.” Of course, a relentless attention to detail also helps.

An avid traveler, Dominic’s mantra for success: “Live your brand to the fullest. Success doesn’t happen overnight. I spent over two decades within this industry before striking out on my own,” says Dominic who holds a degree in commerce and an MBA. “No one can build your dreams for you — only you can do that. Don’t expect people to believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself.”  #KhabarLive

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