On Christmas eve, the city seems soaked in festive spirit and one cannot avoid thinking of delicious cakes as celebrations are incomplete without the traditional Christmas cakes.

All the bakeries are coming up with a wide range of cakes, from sliced pieces to customised ones for the customers. Almost every bakery across the city is busy planning to bake the best.

And one popular destination for the cake shoppers happens to be the Country Oven at Ameerpet. Like every year, the bakery is all geared up to come up with the best of the cakes and cater its selective clientele.

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Among all flavours, the traditional plum cake is the hot favourite of the customers. These cakes are made using dried fruits, nuts, butter and sugar. Nuts and dried fruits are soaked in spirits such as rum and then added to the cake batter which results in yummy plum cake.

At Country Oven, a host of plum cakes are on offer and one has to spend time for a pick. The different types here include eggless plum cake, rich plum cake, plum pudding, plum muffins, plum cake with Christmas decor, almond icing and butter icing.

Sudhakar Rao Polsani, Chairman of Country Oven says that Christmas cakes in their bakery holds a special place. “This is one of the oldest online bakery and we get orders from countries such as US, Australia, New Zealand and England for delivery of Christmas cakes to their family members residing in the city,” he says.

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Apart from online orders, Country Oven also provides phone delivery and customers can contact for booking of their choice. Bookings for Christmas cakes started on December 20 and the response from the customers has been overwhelming, Rao says.

According to a staff member of Country Oven, they receive large number of orders every Christmas and the number could increase this time. “Christmas special cakes start at Rs 140 (250 grams) and the price goes up to Rs 1,000 depending on the quantity a customer orders,” he says.

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The other flavours include Pineapple, Chocolate, Butterscotch, Black Forest, Vanilla, Mango, Pista, Almond, Fruit n Nut, Red Velvet and Dark Chocolate. “All the cakes are prepared by professional chefs using different pastries,” he says.

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