Comedy Munch started its journey in 2015 and pledged to deliver humour and spread happiness nationwide. It’s an initiative by Anuj Sehgal, who strongly believes in art.

An active community of 600k+ users, with a reach of 500M across all online platforms, 153k+ youtube subscribers with 20M Views, and 157k+ facebook users. We have partnered with Ola play, UC Browser, Share IT, ALT Balaji and leading OTT platforms to distribute and monetize the content.

They reach out to a lot of well-known brands and assist the artists performing with them to reach outnto these brands as well.

Comedy Munch is associated with the best stand-up comedians from all over the country and has conducted more than 100 stand up comedy shows, catering to a wide audience. The goal is to make you laugh till your stomach hurts.

It’s to make you believe how important humour is in one’s life. We’ve all heard the phrase ‘Laughter is the best medicine’. Well, this is just the right place to come and get a taste of this medicine.

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Comedy Munch primarily a video platform and serve comedy content across the genres being a one-stop shop for the comedy lovers and distribute the content through Android and ios App to promote comedy and provide a platform and a marketplace for the stand-up comedians, who wish to share their part of humour with the world. We conduct open-mics and comedy shows and works closely with corporates to entertain our wide audience.

A platform meant to promote art by artists; amateur or established. Now, your all-time entertainment partner Comedy Munch has extended their platform for all kinds of performing arts “ Stage Time”.

It is no more restricted to only comedy. Stage time is a platform for all the artists who are willing to share their talent with the world. We have a huge and wide audience that consists of all age groups.

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Hence, Stage time is a talent-oriented platform which will help you commercialize your talent and find the right direction to your talent if you get associated with us. All you need to do is shoot a video of your performance and send it to us. If we like your video, you get to perform for stage time and spread your talent nationwide.

Are you a musician? A singer? A dancer? A mimic artist? A storyteller? Or is there some other unique talent that you are proud of? Stage time is your perfect opportunity to discover and enhance your talent with our help. We encourage artists to perform and in turn earn money out of it.

Stage time believes in all the artists and wants to help them achieve their desired goals. This initiative by Comedy Munch is a win-win situation for all the talented souls who are looking for an exposure, some fame and money, a beautiful experience and a boost to their confidence in their own talents.

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This is the right spot and the most awaited opportunity for performing arts. We believe in every form of art and the beauty of it. Therefore, we want each artist to believe in themselves.

We also aim to make a positive change in society and our belief is that art is the most beautiful form of doing the same. Stage time aims to bring together collectively a talented bunch of people who are creative and wish to make a change.

It’s a creative lot of stories, poetries, music, dance, comedy and much more. We will help you conquer the hearts of your people by showcasing your talent through this huge platform.Inspire, and get inspired. Let’s walk hand in hand and spread the beauty of art everywhere. #KhabarLive

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