Hyderabad mornings are fresher, slightly cooler and the temperature is pleasant throughout the day. Winter mist. Chilly mornings. The slight dip in the temperature is bringing a lot of joy to Hyderabadis. So much so that even late risers are waking up early to experience the morning mist and admire the sun rising lazily to peep out in the morning.

“The mist and the cool breeze are such a welcome change in the morning. I am absolutely loving the nip in morning air. Sometimes I find myself sitting in my balcony doing nothing but feeling the cool breeze for about an hour; in fact I don’t feel the need to have my mobile phone with me at that time. I don’t mind continuous cups of black tea in my hand, instead,” says Shyamali Chatterji, a homemaker who lives in Alwal.

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Is the slight dip in temperature discouraging the morning exercise routine of Hyderabadis? “Not at all. I am finding myself doing a longer routine for my warm-up before I start with weights. The slightly longer run is helping me improve my stamina without getting too worn out for other routines like weight training,” says Pavan Kumar, a businessman whose favourite start to a good workout is a run on the treadmill. For now, he is ditching the treadmill and going for a run at KBR Park to enjoy the air and the chirping of the birds in it.

There is also a major change in outdoor workout routines. More fitness enthusiasts are engaging in trekking, running and other outdoor activities. Those who like to cycle seem to be having a good time too. “I am starting early so that I can be back home by sunrise and still have enough time to get ready and go to work. The slightly chill mornings are allowing me to cycle a longer distance,” says Preeti P, a freelance content developer.

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Apparently it is not only the regular birds in the park get people to step out in the morning. Bird watchers are out and about to spot the migratory birds in the various birding locations in the city.

“Every park is a good location to spot birds. Another ideal place to spot different birds are places with water bodies. Even in a small garden, one will see the activity of the birds. Birds like crested serpent eagle Brahminy Kite, crested hawk-eagle, yellow bittern and Indian nightjar, fork-tailed drongo-cuckoo, short-toed snake eagle and crested treeswift can be spotted,” says Prabhu, an avid bird watcher.

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According to a Hyderabad birding pal, at a walk conducted by the 40-year-old association, around 107 species of birds were witnessed; however that walk was in a forest area.

The fashionistas are looking to make the best use of the dip in temperature to pull out and flaunt their warms clothing. However, they run the risk of ending up getting baked in them considering that day temperatures are still high enough to warrant the use of a fan or air conditioning when the sun is out.

More fitness enthusiasts are engaging in trekking, running and other outdoor activities. Those who like to cycle seem to be having a good time too. #KhabarLive