We are all aware of how high and low the temperature sores in Hyderabad in any season. This tropical hot and humid weather and inadequate sanitation has led to the rise in the population of mosquitoes. Almost every family is complaining about how their house has been manifested by these pests and has given sleepless nights to them. Medical experts have confirmed that these are a breed of “Culex” mosquitoes. Now, the #GoodknightAgarbatti is being launched in Hyderabad. Use it and relax. 

As per a report, the municipal health officer said that drains too have not been cleaned in Hyderabad, which has resulted in the mosquitoes getting their perfect breeding ground. Currently, the city has already recorded around 25 cases of dengue and around eight cases of Chikungungya. However, none of them have been reported to be fatal.

As per the reports, the municipal authorities confirmed that they already made 51 lakh visits this year and fogged over 52,000 houses. They found out that more than 22,00 homes were violating the norms of cleanliness and there are about 167 cases filed.

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Facts about the Culex Mosquitoes:
– This breed of mosquitoes does not cause fatal diseases like dengue & malaria unlike the aedes breed
– Their bites are more painful & itchy
– They can spread diseases like Filariasis & encephalitis
– They breed in stagnant water

How to stay safe?
The experts have confirmed that looking at the current weather & sanitation scenario of the country, this mosquito menace is only going to increase. Hence, it’s important and high time to take up these preventive measures to ensure that there are no fatalities. Here are a few ways to stay safe:

  • Keep the surroundings clean: The culex mosquitoes tend to breed in places which are dirty. Hence it is very important to keep our surroundings clean. It will only keep the mosquitoes away from you.
  • Do not let any water to collect: Do not let any water to collect in the house or nearby surroundings as that will be the breeding area for these little pests and they will multiply and infest your house
  • Clean the drains: Make sure all drainage areas in the houses are covered to ensure no mosquitoes are entering the house. Don’t forget to clean them regularly. The drainages in the surrounding areas have to be cleaned regularly too and the municipal authorities need to take action for the same at the earliest to get rid of the mosquitoes.
  • Wear full sleeves clothes: This is not always possible, we do understand. Especially considering the current weather conditions, absolutely impossible. But you can choose light & comfortable clothing in full-sleeves. This will keep you free from the painful and itchy bites
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The right mosquito repellent:
These pests are getting mightier day by day and it become increasingly important to use the best mosquito repellent that can keep you free from them for the longest time.

  • Electronic mosquito repellents: Electric mosquito repellents have proven to be most useful for keeping these pests away. Try the Goodknight Activ+ system, which provides protection in all corners. You can switch to the normal & active mode depending on the number of mosquitoes
  • – Goodknight Fabric Roll-On: This product from the Goodknight range has been approved by Pediatricians. It’s a child safe mosquito repellent and mere 4 dots of application on clothes is enough to keep you protected from the mosquitoes
  • Goodknight Activ+ Low Smoke Coil: This effective mosquito repellent formula by – Goodknight ensures 12 hours protection from mosquitoes. For those who can’t tolerate coils due too the smoke, this one is the perfect pick for you as it leaves low smoke.
  • Goodknight Cool Gel: A cool gel with aloe vera that will keep you and your family protected from all kinds of mosquitoes spreading diseases such as Dengue, Malaria and Chikungunya for 8 long hrs. Pediatricians have also certified it as child safe.
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We hope this information is helpful. If you know any more ways to keep mosquitoes away, write back to us in the comments section. #KhabarLive #GoodknightAgarbatti