Several unique kites will dot Hyderabad’s sky this Sankranti as the 4th edition of the International Kite Festival kickstarted. Kites from different parts of the globe fought it out on Parade Grounds here, captivating all who came to watch. One of the most eye-catching kites was the one depicting natives of Papua tribe of Eastern Indonesia and a giant 10-feet-long 100 dollar note.

With 42 participants from 20 different countries, the Department of Tourism says this will be one of the best editions to watch out for as newer kinds of kites will be on display including some that will look particularly good at night.

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“This is my first time in the city. We have brought around 15 kites that we will be flying over three days to showcase our culture and art,” James Kekenusa, a kite flyer from Philippines, said.

The regular favourites, including an octopus and a spinners kite flown by a couple from Thailand, will light up the sky too. Huge kites in the shape of a boy and girl along with a kite bearing the words- ‘Telangana’ too have captured the imagination of Hyderabadis.

One of Hyderabad’s oldest kite clubs is participating in the festival will honour Indian culture by putting on display kites including Garuda’s avataar and other Indian motifs. A Nagpur-based kite club’s bamboo kite is a unique addition to this year’s festivities. The overall theme of the festival is to be eco-friendly and avoid plastic and chinese manja.

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The International Sweet Festival kicked off in Hyderabad putting on offer 1,200 varieties of desserts. Bengali rasgullas, Lucknowi firni, Assami Kethli Pitta and Nepal’s Sel Roti were among the multitude of options available for lovers of dessert who turned up for the 3-day event at parade grounds. Organised this time as a ‘National Integration Festival’ the festival managed to bring in different cultures under the same roof and encourage women to turn entrepreneurs. “We are a part of the Assamese Samiti and were notified about the food festival.

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It is a wonderful opportunity to showcase our culture and cusine and share it with people who would otherwise know nothing about our state,” noted Purabi Kumar from Assam. The stalls were divided into three categories: Solid, semi-solid and liquid, offering revellers a wide variety to choose from. The festival will also have an international sweet corner with exotic sweet dishes from Argentina, Nepal, Turkey, etc #KhabarLive