Who wouldn’t want to bite into the comforting butta seasoned with a pinch of salt and lemon? We all know corn is a perfect snack for a rainy day, but, did you know, it has several beneficial properties for your body?

These gorgeous yellow grains not only make for perfect munchies, but also help in skin repair, weight gain, among others.

Energy booster
If you are somebody who can’t function without engaging in physical activity in some or the other way, then corn can act as a perfect energy booster. Corn contains complex carbohydrates that get digested at a slower pace and this provides energy for a longer duration. Not only that, corn also ensures proper functioning of the brain and nervous system.

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Weigh in
Underweight situation needs to be handled with absolute care. Being underweight doesn’t mean you go crazy over junk food. Watch what you eat, and for all those who are underweight, corn would do the trick. Corn not only has healthy calories, but also gives your body the required vitamins and a good quality of fibre.

Elixir for skin
Who doesn’t want to remain young (both internally and externally)? Corn is a power house of antioxidants which slow down the ageing process. Besides consumption, products like corn oil, corn starch can be applied directly to the skin to repair any kind of damage.

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Improves vision
Above all, corn helps you look better, as in, look at things better. Sweet corn kernels contain beta carotene which provides vitamin A that provides better vision. So, consuming corn in any form can actually improve your vision manifold.

Removes scars
Getting rid of acne is one task and working on the scars, as an after effect seems to be nearly impossible. No matter, how many creams and face packs we use, acne is a bit too stubborn to get rid of. Now, here is where corn comes into picture. Considering its high levels of vitamin E, a paste created from corn can work wonders to remove facial acne scars. #KhabarLive

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