Strange are the ways of Telangana Congress party. Having faced a huge debacle in the recent assembly elections, it wants to prove its identity at least in the Lok Sabha elections by winning at least half a dozen MP seats out of 17 in the state.

Interestingly, the Telangana Congress leaders want the grand alliance formed during the assembly elections continue in the Lok Sabha elections as well. But there is a difference.

They want to contest in all the 17 seats; yet, they want the support of their alliance partners – the Telugu Desam Party, the Telangana Jana Samithi and the Communist Party of India.

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It would mean, the Congress does not want the three alliance partners not to contest the parliament elections but support it in all the 17 seats.

There is no question of sharing any MP seats with the Praja Kutami allies. In the interest of the state, they should support the Congress, a PCC leader said.

“If the TDP, TJS and CPI are genuinely interested in ensuring that the TRS does not win too many Lok Sabha seats as was the case with it in the recent assembly elections, and if these alliance partners really want to unseat Narendra Modi led BJP government at the centre, they should not contest the Lok Sabha elections but support the Congress candidates in all the 17 parliamentary seats,” the Congress leader said.

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In any case, the TDP and TJS and CPI have the least chances of winning any MP seats in Telangana.

May be, the TDP will field its candidates in Khammam and Adilabad, but the other two parties have no chances of winning any seats. #KhabarLive