Harish Rao stands ignored, isolated and humiliated in TRS! Once praised as a popular mass leader in TRS after KCR and a trouble shooter in TRS, Siddipet MLA and former irrigation minister T Harish Rao now stands ignored, isolated and humiliated in his own party.

Harish who worked sincerely and committedly day and night for strengthening TRS for years together suddenly finds everyone treating him like a ‘paraaya’ (outsider) in the same party.

In erstwhile Medak district, KCR faced tough political weather due to presence of leaders like Jagga Reddy and Vanteru Prathap Reddy, who gave KCR sleepless nights with their abuses on KCR and family members. They were backed by Congress and TDP high commands financially to take on KCR.

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But Harish ensured that TRS did not lose ground in the home district of KCR by taking head on both Vanteru and Jagga Reddy.

But today, Vanteru and Jagga Reddy became ‘close aides’ for KCR and TRS but Harish became “paraaya’.

Jagga Reddy has been holding press conferences to abuse Harish Rao terming him as ‘blackmailer’, ‘thief’ etc while praising KCR and KTR to be ‘honest and fair leaders’.

Vanteru is threatening Harish not to set his feet in Gajwel, the KCR’s home constituency, saying that KCR has assigned him the responsibility of Gajwel after he shifted from TDP to TRS recently.

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KCR even gave Chandi Yagam responsibility in his farmhouse recently to Vanteru.

Despite Vanteru and Jagga Reddy openly abusing Harish, none of the TRS leaders are coming forward to counter it, apparently due to instructions from their ‘bosses’.

TRS leaders who are quick to counter criticism against KCR and KTR by any party by holding press meets in Telangana Bhavan, have kept mum in the case of Harish.

All this shows that it’s the end of the road for Harish in TRS and few sensational developments are expected in TRS soon on Harish issue. #KhabarLive

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