The sultry summer heat will soon grace the Hyderabad shores in the coming months. Dirt, pollution, heatwaves, sunburn, and exhaustion are common commodities with temperatures touching 50 degrees Celsius in May and June.

But don’t worry, you can deal with the force of summer in Hyderabad with just a little preparation. Hyderabad is a land offering beautiful experiences and diverse cultures. Don’t let the weather play spoilsport and follow our tips to dealing with the heat on your visit.

  • Cover up: Remember to carry appropriate clothing for your trip to Hyderabad. Though getting a light tan may seem part and parcel of a tropical holiday, the direct sunrays aren’t too kind to your skin. Put on cotton or linen clothes that cover your body to prevent your skin from getting burnt. Also, accessorise by carrying a hat, cap, or a scarf to cover your head from the sunlight. The direct sunlight can often lead to a torrid headache lasting for hours on, so protect your eyes from the UV rays by keeping a pair of sunglasses handy, too.
  • Always Hyderate: Always carry bottles of water with you wherever you go. As temperatures soar to high temperatures, you may sweat a lot and find yourself dehydrated. In addition, mixing some electrocol or having a glass of lemonade will help replenish your body temperature. If you’re travelling from abroad, remember that in India, tap water is not drinkable. Invest in mineral water to be safe while you acclimatise.
  • A diet to defeat the heat: It’s time to refurbish your eating habits if you plan on surviving this Hyderabad weather. On your trip to the city of nizams, limit the red meat and instead indulge in sea food. Load up on citrus fruits to get the require dose of Vitamin C to build your immunity. Spicy food is one of India’s specialties, and while it should not top your diet you can have it in small amounts.
  • If you’re travelling for the first time, stay away from street food–you can get a safer version of that in restaurants and this will keep you from getting sick on your visit. Keep yourself cool by having a plate of green, leafy lettuce. Cucumbers are an easy way to keep your body from heating too.
  • Avoid sudden temperature changes: This can prove to be quite a challenge. Understand the temptation to turn on your air conditioner on full blast after spending your day out in the stifling summer heat, but please remember to resist. Let your body adjust to the room temperature before turning on the cooling. Do the same when you step out of your room to explore. The sudden changes in temperature can cause muscle spasms and numerous infections if you aren’t careful.
  • Cleaning and refreshing: Showering and keeping yourself clean is essential during hot months. While it will help in instantly cooling you down it will more importantly prevent infections. Carrying hand sanitizer is highly recommended after travelling by public transport in Hyderabad or before having a meal.
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Summer usually starts by March end cotninuing on till late August. Majority of the Indian cities see their temperatures soar, but there are a few cities which are perfect getaways from the summer heat. Srinagar in Jammu & Kashmir, Mussorie and Nainital in Uttarakhand, and Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh are some of the cities where you can go on a detour to cool off while visiting Hyderabad. #KhabarLive