Whether it is rehabilitation care or sports physiotherapy, the use of technology has been very minimal to track the progress of patients. The field of physiotherapy has been heavily dependent on caregivers’ analysis and not on any tech-based measuring system.

To provide a tech-enabled monitoring and reporting device for physiotherapists and patients, husband-wife duo Susurala VS Suresh and Mythreyi Kondapi founded Startoon Labs in November 2017 with their product Pheezee.

The early stage startup incubated at We-Hub is a product development company that designs and develops industrial-grade IoT products and smart electronics systems in the embedded systems and robotic fields. The startup’s first product Pheezee aims at providing standardisation in the physiotherapy space and also providing assurance to patients about their progress and time towards recovery.

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Pheezee can work on six joints of the body which include shoulder, wrist, elbow, knee, hip and ankle. The patient needs to strap the device and do their physiotherapy and via Bluetooth connection, it will send the range of motion and also detect muscle strength of the patient based on the data fed into the system by the doctor.

“While the WHO standards say that a country needs to have 1 physiotherapist for 10,000 patients, India has one physiotherapist for 45,000 patients. This shows the wide gap in this space and on top of it, there are no government associations or standardisation governing this space.

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With Pheezee, we will be providing a device which will track and monitor a patient’s progress apart from providing reports to the doctor at a click of a button,” says Kondapi.

Currently, the startup plans to restrict the product launch to just business-to-business market and is in the process of tying up with hospitals to conduct a full-fledged study on 200 patients.

After the testing phase, it plans to launch 100 devices by April-end through pre-orders. Apart from We-Hub, the startup is supported by IKP and BIRAC, which has given it a grant of Rs 50 lakh recently. #KhabarLive