The Telugu Desam Party continues to make a hash of its efforts to tag TRS working president KT Rama Rao and the Telangana State government in an online smear campaign, particularly on Twitter, in connection with the IT Grids data theft scandal. The TDP’s defamatory campaign follows TDP president and Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu and the party finding themselves in the thick of the IT Grids scandal.

In its latest missive, the TDP’s IT Wing, it has been alleged, has issued an elaborate set of instructions as well as suggested tweets as part of its efforts to defame both Rama Rao and the Telangana government.

A long set of 25 possible tweets on an Excel datasheet, including many in Telugu, has been made available on Google Drive for TDP’s ‘online warriors’ to access suggested tweets with hashtags such as #KTRFakeTears and #TSGovtStealsData.

On Thursday, TRS Youth Wing lodged a complaint with the Cybercrime Police Station here in the city alleging that TDP’s IT wing was behind the smear campaign targeting TRS and Rama Rao.

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Vilification campaign
TRS Youth Wing leader Patimeedi Jagan, in his complaint against TDP’s IT Wing, said the TDP and its leaders were promoting fake Twitter trends by paying cash to defame the Telangana government and TRS leadership. “They are paying huge amounts to certain agencies to trend certain hashtags on Twitter. This week, few trends to defame the Telangana government and TRS leadership were artificially created by paying money to certain agencies and individuals,” Jagan said in his complaint.

The messages encouraging such tweets, for instance, includes one that says: “Team – Please Post Tweets from google drive spreadsheet ASAP. Please make sure using both hashtags #KTRFakeTears #TSGovtStealsData.

Another says: “All you guys have to do for today n tomorrow is expose the hash tag *#TSGovtStealsData* with tiny messages…”

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In a clear no holds barred effort to defame TRS working president Rama Rao, one such message says: “This tweet will be more effective… everyone Please use location *Mumbai*. So that it will trend.” This particular tweet goes:

“Replying to @KTRTRS @USAndHyderabad @USCGHyderabad Miss. Hadda, under the leadership KTR and KCR US companies not able to conduct Buisiness because of the Goons stolen US patients data on February 7th 2018. I filed a complaint to KTR and KCR both in writing. Now same Goon Nagesh killed American due to negligence of KTR.”

Wild charges
Among other suggested ‘tweet material’ that was accessed from the Excel document on Google Drive include the likes of: “Cry baby KTR complains to Twitter on #TSGovtStealsData ?? . We have every right to say that and to protest Mr KTR ! You can’t silence us . If you are so in love with AP ,give back our 5000 crores that you owe us and resolve schedule 9 and 10 disputes #KTRFakeTears” ;

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“@KTRTRS Stop #KTRFakeTears Act on how you can repay 5k Cr to our #Andhra You know that, with our sweat TG in surplus. With your fathers conspiracy we are in Debts. Pay & show your love.” ;

“Stop your fake tears #KtrFakeTears #TSGovtStealsData .. without any subject you are talking..our party cader collected calls went to all Telangana people regarding rythu bandu before election you stolen data from Telangana govt” .

There are a series of suggested tweets in Telugu, many of them employing language bordering on the unparliamentary which seek to hit Rama Rao, Telangana Chief Minister Chandrashekhar Rao and the Telangana State government below the belt. #KhabarLive