Known for its sweet-smelling haircare products, Herbal Essences’ India debut will give your hair routine the olfactory update it deserves. Few things in life can uplift your mood or brighten up a dull day instantly. Like a long, hot shower. Or getting out of it with a freshly washed head of hair that smells like spring.

A brand that’s never failed to achieve an immediate pick-me-up—Herbal Essences—officially launches in India today with their bio:renew range, so you can now smell like your favourite flower, or herb, or plant, or fruit, even more easily.

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Known to harness the power of nature in their concoctions aside from borrowing their natural scents, the new collection of shampoos and conditioners all come with a blend of high-strength antioxidants like aloe and sea kelp, that help protect the hair from the damage caused by free radicals and external factors that they are subjected to every day.

Ingredients like coconut milk, rosemary, strawberry, argan oil, cucumber, green tea… to name a few, work to solve different hair woes. The argan oil shampoo-conditioner will help repair damaged hair, cocoa butter with vitamin E will reduce hair fall, coconut milk will provide a boost of moisture, cucumber and green tea will work towards shine, strawberry and fresh mint will add volume and freshness, and rosemary and herbs is perfect for a light cleanse and nourishment.

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The range also comes certified by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew in London—a 250-year-old global authority on plant science—that has over 350 scientists constantly working and researching on plant diversity, herbal medicine, conservation and sustainable development. The brand’s partnership with the organisation means every botanical ingredient in their new range is authenticated by them, giving the brand its stamp of approval—so you know what’s claimed at the back of the bottle is what’s inside the bottle.

Herbal Essences will be available on and #KhabarLive