This Hyderabadi has extended the frontiers of sports broadcasting that remained unexplored for long. Kanthi D. Suresh, wife of former Hyderabad Ranji cricketer and now an IAS officer D. Suresh, is the Editor-in-Chief of India’s first digital sports news channel Power Sportz, which is now available as an app, and she is all set to celebrate its first anniversary next month.

She is elated over her channel daily viewership being about two million across India. “The sports debate show ‘Talking with Turkey’ helmed by me is one of the biggest hits because of its objectivity. It also covers all Olympic disciplines and gives a platform for athletes to express themselves,” she said. “Having worked for different TV channels as sports anchor for major inter-continental events, I was naturally driven to sports,” she told #KhabarLive, recently.

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“It’s different because we look at sports as a subject to be discussed and debated. The shows on our channel deal with the core issues of sports that plague the country and not highlighted by others. We try to bridge the gap and this is a 24-hour live channel,” said Ms. Kanthi.

“We are on all Internet-based platforms and not on satellite as we believe that the typical TV viewership is coming down drastically,” she said.

“We conceived the idea in 2015 and now, we are sitting on huge traffic of two million viewers every day in English and Hindi,” she added. “Whatever we do is original. Consolidation and new programmes specific to each sport are in the pipeline,” she said, adding that their focus is on India though they are available globally and on Amazon Fire TV platform.

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“We are a fact-based channel with no melodrama involved in our shows. We don’t have any competition and we are market leaders as our 12 live shows every day are a huge hit,” she said.

What is the biggest challenge? “Technology and manpower. But, we are ready to make a huge impact globally soon,” signed off the former Nasr School student, who lived in the by-lanes of Begumpet. #KhabarLive