While Andhra Pradesh witnessed ‘violent vote’ in Assembly and Lok Sabha polls with series of violent incidents, murders and damaging of EVMs, it was a ‘silent vote’ in Telangana Lok Sabha polls.

Just about 63 per cent polling was recorded in Telangana while AP recorded a higher 77 per cent.

In three Lok Sabha seats in Hyderabad limits, the polling percentage was just 40 per cent.

This ‘silent vote’ in Telangana has now become a cause of major concern for ruling TRS.

KCR had big dreams of sweeping all the 16 seats and play a key role in national politics after LS polls. He had set “Mission 16” target for MLAs and party leaders.

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But the ‘silent vote’ indicates that TRS may end up below 10 seats.

Political analysts say the higher polling percentage of over 70 per cent in recent Telangana Assembly polls in December 2018 had benefited TRS.

The lower turnout in Lok Sabha polls would now benefit Congress and BJP in five to six seats, they say.

Telangana people showed not much interest on Lok Sabha polls which was reflected in the poor turnout at polling booths.

Opposition parties believe that those few voters who turned up for polling voted against TRS to express their ire at the dictatorial and family rule of KCR. #KhabarLive