It is that time of the year again when the colourful lanes around Charminar become busier, hundreds of illuminated stalls are set up across the city and there is a fresh wave of festive cheer all around.

With the whole of Hyderabad painted in a happy vibe, the month of Ramzan takes the taste buds on a scrumptious ride; be it the sizzling of the tawa to prep up those delicious delicacies or the joy of Iftar, here what rules among all is the flavour of the famous Haleem. So, let’s explore the Haleem scene in the city, but, this time, with the unexplored ones.

Mom’s Homemade Food, Tolichowki
Founded by home chef Zarina Sha in the year 2009, Mom’s Homemade Food provides Haleem which is more than just taste; it is full of warmth and love. It is literally maa ke haath ka khana. Here, Haleem is made of potla mutton, i.e., lamb. Loaded with roasted cashews, fried onions, ghee, coriander and lime, this homemade stew is definitely worth a try.

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The home chef delivers it (among other gourmet spread that she provides) to any corner of the city when ordered in bulk, and if you want a limited quantity, you can directly visit her. There are pick-up points too, based on the demand from that particular area; per box of 300 grams of Haleem, the cost is Rs 180. And guess what! She serves Haleem all-year round.

Paya House, Banjara Hills
Situated in the heart of Banjara Hills and draped in twinkling fairy lights at rooftop, Paya House is a great place to have Chicken Haleem (priced at Rs 140) with your family, but visit between 6 pm and 12:30 am. And unlike other places, it has a peaceful setting and the menu is dominated by the Deccani cuisine, which you often find in the Old City.

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The Mandi, Lothukunta
From the floor seating arrangements to heartfelt celebrations scented with the aroma of flavours, there is no doubt Haleem served here is a must try. It is smooth and absolutely divine. This small place with just four tables lets you indulge in a complete food experience in a budget-friendly price. You can access your share of Haleem between 6 pm and 12 am.

Hotel City Diamond, Mehdipatnam
Another option for those who binge on Haleem is this place amidst the chaotic streets in Mehdipatnam. Here, the feasting continues till wee hours. From the background beat of incessant honking to a parade of crowd entering inside, the vibe created in this compact hotel is surely not meant for a family get-together but is totally worth trying, if you are a true-blue foodie. The hotel lacks ambience but the taste of Haleem takes over it.

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Other drool-worthy options
Faalsa sherbet: Take a sip of this refreshing, healthy drink and you would slurp on it all summer long.

Kaghzi kebab: Chicken drumsticks are marinated and stuffed with pine-nuts and herbs, grilled to perfection.

Aflatoon: Made of pure ghee and nuts, it is the ideal way to end a Ramzan meal. #KhabarLive