A season-specific fruit, mangoes underwrite a myriad of health benefits when dealing with the summer heat. In addition to their mouth-watering deliciousness, mangoes, commonly referred to as the ‘king of fruits’ in many parts of the world, also boast an impressive nutritional profile.

From a healthy afternoon snack to indulge in or an escape from the scorching heat, mangoes serve a multitude of purposes that one needs to take maximum advantage of. We talk to Dr Jyothi Chabria, a nutritionist in the city, to see just how great India’s native super fruit is for you.

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Not today, cancer
As their pseudonym suggests, these succulent drupes are incorporated with several medicinal properties as well. “Mangoes contain antioxidants such as quercetin, fisetin, isoquercitrin, astragalin, gallic acid and methyl gallate – properties that protect our body from dehydration and fatigue caused by the heat,” says the nutrition expert. An aid against two of the most prominent struggles during summer time, mangoes make for the perfect choice of food on any given day of the season.

A sufficient alternative
Mangoes make for seamless substitutes on a hot day, when one wants to opt for a lesser intake of food. “They are fillers for days you don’t want to take in too much. Plus, their sweet taste only makes it better,” says Dr Jyothi. Just cut open the fruit into pieces or throw it into a mixer to make a refreshing smoothie, the creaminess they have to them adds to their overall popular appeal.

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For fitness freaks mango 
A common misconception about mangoes many people tend to believe is that they have fattening properties or that they cause heat inside the body. To the contrary, Dr Jyothi clarifies, “It’s not fattening, it simply depends on the proportions you decide to supply yourself with. One or two mangoes per day is more than adequate.” Though mangoes consist of sugary elements, they are also healthy in more ways than one. #KhabarLive