Providing commuters and drivers with zero surge and zero commission cabs, a new ride hailing app Tora Cabs is all set to make inroads in Hyderabad. All set to be launched in the next 45 days, the app-based ride service will not charge any commission from the drivers and they will have to pay just a daily subscription charge whereas commuters will not encounter any surge price.

Promoted as a joint venture with a Korean partner, Tora Cabs launched the pilot version of its service in June and has on-boarded 1,500 drivers so far in Hyderabad. Other than the fact that they do not charge any commission, the company also claims that drivers get paid immediately after the completion of the trip. Drivers can choose from three different subscription plans starting with Rs 199 per day, Rs 199×6 for a week and 199×25 for a month. In addition, the drivers also get an insurance cover of Rs 5 lakh supported by the company.

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“We are starting our services from Hyderabad and we will be ready with the live app in the next 45 days. We are hoping to on-board 4,000 drivers by the time we go live and in the next 2-3 months we are looking at on-boarding 10,000 drivers only in Hyderabad. We are taking it slow as we want to provide drivers within 2-5 km radius for the commuters so that they do not have wait for longer for a cab,” said Kavita Bhaskaran Ravi, director, marketing and public policy, Toracabs Technology Services.

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The company explained that the base starting rate of their service is Rs 39 for 4 km and after that it will be Rs 8-12 per km travelled based on the car model chosen by the customer. According to some reports, Hyderabad has about 1 lakh cabs plying on the roads and over 10-12 lakh passengers use the services. #KhabarLive