Bridal Lehenga, the beautiful Indian attire that exudes elegance and beauty is a cult favorite of the modern Indian ladies. This is now famous both as a party and wedding wear. The modern Indian women are constantly experimenting with the attire, only to introduce a plethora of styles, designs and different cuts.

Evolution of Lehenga
Lehenga originated in the Indian states of Gujrat and Rajasthan. In the beginning, Lehenga was worn mainly by the women living in these states.

Soon after, the country was under the control of the Mughals. The flowy, easy breezy long skirts with a beautiful blouse and a dupatta intrigued the Mughals and they took to the attire. The royal ladies made lehenga choli their attire and the trend spread like fire across the country.

Now the Lehenga was famous across the country and more women started wearing the attire. The Mughals left the country after a few years, but the traditional attire Lehenga stayed with the country.

For the longest period of time, Lehenga was worn mainly by the brides during their wedding. Since the attire was considered to be royal, it was worn mainly and mostly by the brides to get that royal vibe. Heavy zardozi work on heavy materials or chanderi work on pure silk lehenga were the in trend.

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However, the tables have seemed to turn now! The modern Indian women have come a long way when it comes to fashion. They know how to get the best out of every attire thrown towards them. Thus, the Lehenga has got a makeover now!

Of late, not just the brides but the bridesmaids, youngsters, the teens, the party freaks and everyone else is wearing the attire. Everyone is wearing it in a different way.

Ladies love wearing fashionable clothes but at the same time, they want them to be comfortable. The inclination towards fashion with comfort has introduced more fabrics that are now used in the making of the attire.

The trending styles
With the continuously evolving style of Lehenga, it is hard to mention any one particular trend. However, the recent Lehenga trends that are grabbing a lot of eyeballs now are:

  • – The Indo-western style Lehengas – Absolute favorite of all the experimental ladies out there.
  • – Lightweight Lehengas – Suitable for all my teen divas out there. A lot of divas who like to keep it simple also prefers the light weighted lehenga.
  • – The pastel lehengas or the non-glittery Lehengas – This design is best for when you are attending a destination wedding or the morning parties.
  • – Silk Lehenga – The one universal style that is loved by one and all.
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Ace your next function look with these few glamorous Lehenga designs
Have a destination wedding or morning event to attend? But you want your lehenga to have sequin detailing? People say it is impossible but I say otherwise! Choose your favorite color from the pastel palette and complete it with the sequin details that you were dying for.

Hey, pretty summer bride! Confused about what to wear on your wedding that will make you stand out yet will look light on the eyes? Go for something like this Lehenga above which has Mogul flowers in a painterly Resham embroidery with hints of antique zardozi work. Finish the look with a choli that complements the color of the lehenga and tulle dupatta.

If you are confused about the color you should go for but want to look classy then go for white. The color defines class. Any design, pattern or cut will look classy when the base color of the lehenga is white.

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Be it benarasi silk or pure silk, silk lehengas are a must have in your closet! They give you the ultimate royal look! There is not a single event where you can go wrong if you wear silk lehenga. Take a hint from the above picture of what glamour looks like!

Also, make sure that the dupatta is heavily worked if your lehenga is muted.

Best friend of the bride or the sister? Go for something in golden sequins or embroidered that will give you the ultimate glamorous look! Pair with pink, sky blue or red dupatta to turn some heads.

If you don’t like to follow the ordinary styles and want to go for Indo-western look then ditch the Dupatta. Now instead of the dupatta throw a long traditional jacket and layer up the Lehenga. Or you can wear an off-shoulder blouse and top it off with a see-through cropped jacket. If you are going for this look try to make sure that your skirt is heavily embroidered or sequined to balance out the look. #KhabarLive