Social media presence is an essential tool in today’s marketing world. Time and effort put in to develop a social media presence for your product/service are worth it. It helps in reaching the right audience by creating brand awareness.

You can easily engage with your customers, directly answer their questions and grievances, which helps in improving your brand image. You can also learn from your competitors on how they are driving traffic to their social media sites.

In other words, it’s a smart decision to invest in social media marketing. If you are not on social media, then it’s time to get on it. If you already are on social media, here are a few tips to improve your social media channels.

1. Build Credibility
The first step while putting out your product or service on social media is building trust. Your consumers and competitors should know you. One must trust your product/service first before choosing you above your competitors’ brand. To cultivate the trust, you must inspire your audience. You must expose them to the reviews of others through their experience of your product/service.

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According to a study, the opinions of family, friends, and strangers influence the purchase decisions of people. Many people check the company ratings and user reviews. Encourage your existing customers to leave a review. Also, keep updating good content on your website and share it on all the social media platforms. Updating good content shows your audience that you are not looking just for money but also spreading knowledge.

2. Share Videos and Photos
Posts that include photos or video do better compared to others. According to Forbes, almost 50% of consumers spend more time watching a video on Facebook than reading a post. Live video streaming boosts engagement in social media sites. It also inspires trust in the audience seeing you answer their questions in real time.

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3. Add social media buttons
Integrating your website with all the social media channels helps to stay updated with the website posts. It is a good way to engage with your audience to increase the number of likes and shares of your posts. You can use social share buttons to allow people to share your posts. Your content should be catchy to increase the number of shares.

When using the social share button, you should use your most active social media platform. It will ensure that if any visitor shares your content, it will reach to maximum people in the audience. Place these buttons at the top, bottom, or side of the page. Also, if your website needs to login, then there must be a social media login along with email logins. It increases website registration and conversion rate.

4. Be active and consistent
In order to build trust on social media with your consumers, you must be consistent with the posts. When you are consistent with posts, it drives traffic to your website that increases the number of social media followers. Increased traffic to your website/social media channels will improve your rankings on search engines. Being active on social media will give credibility to your business.

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To sum it up, be active, be current, and be relevant. The above pointers help in improving your social media channels. It’s simple to do social media marketing. But if you want to learn further on online marketing and engagement techniques, you can register for an online learning management system.

(Kimberly Clark is a content marketing specialist in IT & SEO, who helps clients increase their revenues by improving their organic traffic and building powerful campaign through Google Adwords. She can be reached via email.)