The day of June 2, 2014, will forever be remembered as a red letter day for Telangana when the region, after decades of battle for justice, achieved statehood with the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh. Even as euphoria gripped the State, questions were raised.

Will the fledgling State be able to stand on its own legs? Will the TRS government fulfil its promises made to the people of the new State? The situation then had the nay-sayers and skeptics sniggering at the perceived fate of the 29th State.

Cut to June 2, 2019. In the five years since 2014, not only did the TRS government led by Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao prove all the detractors wrong but also stunned everyone across the country with its tremendous progress, setting a scorching pace both on the development and welfare fronts.

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The State government’s innovative yet people-friendly initiatives catapulted the State to national centre-stage, with several States and indeed even the Centre plucking several leaves out of its success story to launch similar programmes in their respective domains. Telangana State had arrived, and it demanded the attention of all. It picked up accolades, jumped to numero uno positions in various developmental and welfare charts and more importantly, established the “Telangana Model of Growth” as a sure shot route to success for others to follow.

All-round development

From power-starved to near power surplus, from parched lands to lush green rural landscape, from a life of despair to one filled with dignity for the poor, marginalised and women, from uncertain and depressing industrial scenario to a positive and vibrant business atmosphere, the TRS government gave it all, covering different sections of society.

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The all-round success of the TRS government is evident in several parameters that go to establish the State’s leading position – the massive jump in per capita income, Ease of Doing Business, its standing in GSDP and SOTR growth rates, the revolutionary TS-iPASS industrial policy, welfare of people, particularly the marginalised sections through generous pensions, farm and rural sectors development and economic empowerment through programmes like Rythu Bandhu, Rythu Bima, agriculture modernisation, sheep distribution programme and first-of-its-kind health initiatives like KCR Kits and Kanti Velugu, to name a few.

Kaleshwaram project

Simultaneously, the TRS government had a sharp focus on irrigation projects, including the mammoth Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Scheme (KLIS) with a promise of irrigating over one crore acre of land in the once perennially drought-hit State, with complementary efforts in the power sector to match the energy requirements.

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On the political front, the ruling party marched from strength to strength, winning all MP and Assembly by-elections and conquering all local bodies earlier on that set the tone for its landslide victory in the December 2018 Assembly elections that all but wiped out the opposition from the State.

This, in a nutshell is Telangana State’s success story, one that is worthy of emulation, particularly since it was scripted in a short span of five years. company directors were detained, CBI sources clarified that he was questioned and let off. #KhabarLive